Coast-to-Coast Charity Walk June 2017

Coast-to-Coast Charity Walk June 2017

Build a clinic in Guinea -, buy a maternity bed in Kenya -, and help

We did it!

On 25th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £8,765 with 111 supporters in 56 days

During the first three weeks of June , five of us are walking the famous coast-to-coast path from WEST to EAST hoping to raise enough funds for three charities we are involved in :

1. To build a clinic in the the remote town of Geassou in southern Guinea, WEST Africa where there is really no medical cover whatsoever. This will be a satellite clinic of Hope Medical Center (

2. To purchase a much-needed special Maternity Bed for Dreamland Mission Hospital in a poor area of Kenya, EAST Africa (

3. To raise funds towards the new Ship being constructed by Mercy Ships, which works in WEST and EAST Africa (

We have been working alongside the wonderful Staff in each of these charities for some years and believe that the work they are doing in impoverished areas is exceptional. We hope that you will think this a worthwhile cause to support.

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