Coaching young people to improve their wellbeing

by Angie Shearer in Huntly, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Coaching young people to help improve confidence, reduce anxiety and enhance their overall wellbeing so they can achieve their potential.

by Angie Shearer in Huntly, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

In order to reach as many young people as possible across Scotland and the rest of the UK, I have a bigger vision to develop a student coaching training programme, where senior students learn the key coaching skills and can then coach younger students within school to increase wellbeing, achievement and attainment. The extra funds would allow me to develop this training programme and get it SCQF rated so pupils can also gain a qualification for being part of the coaching programme. The skills pupils would develop during this programme would also have a positive impact on their future careers, where skills such as emotional intelligence, self awareness, problem solving and communication are becoming more important.

Extra funds will enable me to create more resources and courses and make them UK wide, enabling more young people to get the help they need to reach their potential and we can start to build positive mental health and wellbeing statistics!


My vision is that all young people have the chance to achieve their potential by improving wellbeing and building resilience, through the use of evidence-based coaching, so they can cope with life's many challenges.

The rise in mental health issues and the growing number of young people struggling with confidence, anxiety and lack of self belief is extremely worrying. As a teacher working in Aberdeenshire, I see first hand some of those struggles and I am passionate about helping as many young people as I can. Place2Be’s research has found that half of those with lifetime mental health issues first experience symptoms by the age of 14. The Mental Health Foundation and NHS state that 1 in 8 children and young people aged 5-19 will experience at least one mental health disorder. This increase is largely due to a rise in anxiety and depression. Young people need to be supported but only 1 in 4 said in the past year they accessed specialist mental health services.

Several research studies by Dr Suzy Green highlighted youth participants in a coaching programme showed a significant increase in wellbeing, resilience and academic achievement and a significant decrease in depression, anxiety and stress. Suzy along with other researchers state that evidence based coaching programmes should be considered as one intervention for mental health prevention in schools and can increase student wellbeing. 

I have recently qualified with an internationally recognised coaching qualification and I want to help as many young people as I can to reduce anxiety, stress and worries to lower the risk of mental illness and increase wellbeing, confidence and self efficacy.


Who Can Benefit? Do you know a young person who:

  • Has worries or concerns about home life, school or friends?
  • Has low confidence and self-efficacy?
  • Is about to take exams and is feeling stressed?
  • Is unsure what to do when they leave school and lacks confidence in themselves and their ability?
  • Keeps doing the same thing over and over and getting the same unhelpful results?

Coaching can help remove limiting beliefs and enable young people to start believing in themselves, find solutions to life's challenges and achieve their aspirations. 


With your donations young people will get free access to coaching sessions who may not have the spare funds for coaching but who would greatly benefit from it. I have also recently completed an NLP course and I can help young people with their anxieties, phobias or habits they want to change with various techniques. 

I am building a website and creating promotional materials so I can reach as many young people as possible who might need the help of a coach. A subject tutor is helpful, but they only teach subject knowledge. With a coach, young people learn to believe in themselves, set aspirational goals, find solutions to the challenges they face, build resilience and wellbeing, which then enables them to learn the knowledge they need to succeed, reducing anxiety and stress along the way. With the help of donations I’ll be able to reach as many young people as possible.


With your support I can also develop a range of positive psychology resources, materials and online courses which young people can use to enhance their wellbeing. Research shows that learning about how our mind works, understanding our negativity bias and how to reframe our negative thoughts, understanding our emotions, how to develop more meaning in our lives and enhancing our relationships, can positively impact our wellbeing (Martin Seligman's PERMAH model of wellbeing). Many schools international, especially in Australia, have been implementing a ‘Positive Education’ curriculum to increase wellbeing, based on the science of positive psychology, with great results. I want to make this curriculum and materials more widely available in Scotland and across the UK for our young people. With the help of generous donations I will be able to create those materials and resources and hopefully reach as many schools as possible. 


“I was coached by Angie and I found her balance of support and challenge so amazing. Health professionals might be a bit overwhelming for youngsters. Having a coaching session with Angie would help youngsters get to the root cause of their anxiety and get them thinking about how they want to deal with it moving on.”

“Thank you so much for your coaching sessions, I have reached my goal as I feel a lot more confident and happy now, so it has definitely helped a lot!”

“I’m so lucky to have had you as my coach.”

"The coaching sessions let me understand where my stress and anxiety stems from and different ways to cope with it. This let me deal with it during the exam period. The sessions were stress free and I felt at ease speaking to Miss Shearer as she is a good listener and let me make the decisions by coaching me in the right direction. I progressed a lot in the few sessions we had."

“I have really enjoyed the coaching sessions I have had and got so much out of them. I learned a lot about myself and the processes I need to apply. I wish you all the best for your coaching future, you are very good and you will help so many people with it.”

“Thank you so much for the sessions. I found them useful, energising and enjoyable. It’s a good sign when 45 minutes goes past in a flash. Personally, I feel better after the sessions and it has certainly helped me map out what I need to be doing.”


Today’s young people will grow up to be tomorrow’s adults. The worrying trends surrounding mental health and wellbeing for not only young people but also adults, needs to change. With your help we can start to change the statistics and support young people to improve their mental health and wellbeing! Coaching and positive psychology are evidence based interventions which have been proven to enhance wellbeing and with your help we can support as many young people as possible!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Every little helps!

Every donation would be greatly appreciated no matter the amount! A donation of £10 will help me provide all young clients with a journal/notebook so they can keep track of their achievements and success. They will also be able to write down 'what went well' each day, a positive psychology intervention which research has shown increases wellbeing.

£30 or more

Give a young person the chance to succeed!

£30 will give one disadvantaged young person a free coaching session to help reduce anxiety, remove limiting beliefs and build their confidence so they can start achieving the life they want. Coaching is confidential, however the young person will have the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for helping to make their coaching session possible by your generous donation and share the difference coaching has made to them!

£50 or more

Experience coaching for yourself or gift a session

Pledge £50 and experience the benefits of coaching yourself or gift a session to someone you know who would benefit! Although my focus is initially on young people, everyone can benefit from coaching, business leaders, those looking to develop leadership skills in the workplace, staff within education and health services, and adults wishing to improve their health, fitness, nutrition and overall wellbeing. Give it a go!

£75 or more

Experience NLP - Reduce fears or phobias

Gift one session of NLP to a young person/friend/colleague, to help them overcome a phobia, a habit they want to change or any anxiety/fears they may have. Or experience NLP for yourself!

£90 or more

Make a difference!

A pledge of £90 can help me to coach a young person for 3 sessions. This will greatly benefit their mental wellbeing and prepare them to cope with life’s challenges. 3 coaching sessions can make a huge difference! Coaching is confidential, however the young person will have the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for helping to make their coaching sessions possible by your generous donation and share the difference coaching has made to them!

£100 or more

Positive Psychology Wellbeing Resource

A resource with a range of positive psychology interventions to help with wellbeing at work or at home

£150 or more

Experience transformational coaching!

Experience transformational coaching over 3 sessions with £150 pledge, use the sessions yourself or gift them to someone you know who would benefit! Whatever you want to achieve, coaching can help get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

£180 or more

Help create a future with resilient young people

A pledge of £180 will allow me to coach a young person for 6 sessions, who might not otherwise be able to access coaching. Sometimes those that would benefit the most, don’t have the spare funds, a 6 session coaching programme can be life changing and transformational to their wellbeing and achievements. Coaching is confidential, however the young person will have the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for helping to make their sessions possible.

£250 or more

Let's change the mental health statistics!

By generously donating £250 this will help me to develop the promotional materials and advertising required to let young people know they can get help and support to reduce anxiety, stress and worries, and that I can help them to build their confidence and resilience and achieve their potential.

£500 or more

Be a part of this amazing project!

Please support me in my vision to help young people overcome fear of failure and build resilience to achieve their goals and aspirations and I will reward pledges of £500 with your company logo on my new website. I will also offer a 6 week block of coaching sessions to a young person who may not be able to experience coaching without this support. Or you could choose to experience one executive coaching session for your own business.

£1,000 or more

Let’s do this!

If you believe in improving young people’s mental health and wellbeing as much as me, your support of £1000 will be rewarded with your company logo on my website and on all my promotional materials and advertising for a year. You can also choose to gift 6 coaching sessions to a young person that would greatly benefit or experience two executive coaching sessions for your business.

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