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Coach training needed for leith community archers

by Amy Fyvie in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Coach training needed for leith community archers
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

we are desperately short of trained coaches and need to raise funds to train more or face closure

by Amy Fyvie in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

we provide a safe and social community environment for a mixture of several hundred people from people with disabilities to people from impoverished and disadvantaged areas and minority groups through the sport of archery.
We are a group made up entirely of volunteers and are based in Leith Academy School on Thursday evenings. We are open to people from the entire Edinburgh community and have many members who are from Edinburgh, newcomers to Leith, visitors from abroad, entire families, disabled members, the majority of our members are disadvantaged families and people (mainly children) with troubled backgrounds. Our aim is to build community bonding, mutual respect and a welcoming environment to
We have been operating for nearly two years now, and in that time we have had several hundred people through our doors. We are entirely composed of non-salaried volunteers. As well as renting the hall, we also provide all of the equipment for people from the age of 4 upwards to use. We are all officially trained by GB Archery as coaches and further training (first aid for example), equipment
repairs, insurance and a whole host of other costs has led to us unfortunately not being completely self-sustainable at this moment in time. We are looking to fund £1000 in order to provide training for 5 more coaches (£200 each) in order to allow more access to us and to allow us to perform an outreach programme where we can take what we do to others in order to build communities.
Our biggest problem at the moment is a shortage of trained coaches and are finding that if even one person is off from a session, we struggle to go ahead.
With this in mind, 5 more coaches will enable us to operate for at least another year before our original trainers need refreshers.
We have self funded for two coaches already, the criteria of one being that the coach is a wheelchair users, but we cannot get the training booked until we have at least 6 people, so we require the funding to do this.

We are completely 100% volunteer based and do not even make expenses payments. There are no paid staff, everyone does it for the love of the sport
and community spirit. The majority of our members are children. We are completely inclusive – if someone has no money to pay fees (which go towards hall hire and equipment repair), then we allow them to take part for free.
We were helped to start up by Bethany Trust and have regular attendees from other community groups such as “Dry Dock”, “Inpiring Leith”, “Scouts”, “Bethany (Homeless shelter)”, sheltered families, single parent families and lots of people with disabilities or problems integrating into the local community as well as quite a few eastern European
and indian members.
We continually strive to make Leith Community Archers inclusive for all, from people with poor disadvantaged backgrounds to people with disabilities to the general local community.
We go out of our way to include minority groups and groups in the local community, to take on leadership roles within Leith Community Archers.
We work in partnership with Bethany Trust and inspiring Leith, who regularly bring along other groups they work with to take part in the community bonding sessions that is the mainstay of Leith Community Archers.
We use several different methods of communication, from verbal communication on the day to Membermojo, mailchimp, gmail, facebook and our own website to keep people in contact with not only what we are doing but with each other. Our next move is to make a forum space online where people can communicate and form friendships.
We are great believers in equality in all measures and strive to ensure that everyone has a fair chance.

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