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by Collette Murray in London, England, United Kingdom

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by Collette Murray in London, England, United Kingdom

Dear Sir\Madam,

Just to introduce myself name is Collette Murray, age 49, (50 in the current year 2020) I am currently undertaking a private coaching course via Arfeen Khan Coach to a Fortune Program, which allows me to coach people with a variety of specific needs in a tried and tested platform which works. This will enable me once I complete the course, which is currently a self-funded course. I have an ultimate passion, vision, and desire to help people to transform and impact their lives, through transformational coaching.

Please see link below for further info about the CTF Program:- 

The total cost of the course is £3,457 in total; I have taken out a loan for £2,000, which incurs interest which I am paying back at £136.00pcm (which I have reduced to £40.00 PCM  which I can provide documentary evidence of.  I have contributed to the course, and however, I wish to request your consideration for an educational grant/funding in order to complete the course.  I am asking for organizations to consider funding me for the remainder of the course which is £1,457.00, as well as help to pay back the overall loan, with help with other costs as listed above. I have managed to pay back approx £450 so far.

This will allow me to qualify as a professional coach with my intention to set it up as a business. However, when I first took out my loan, I was due to start a new role that fell through. I have had to spend a short period claiming a benefit but am due to start tutoring again at some point during January 2020.  At present what I have paid for has allowed me just to access week 1 & 2 of the program, in order for me to complete the last three weeks of the course I will need to access the reminding part of the course. In March 2020 I was due to start as a self-employed Associate Tutor, however, this got put on hold due to the virus outbreak.

I am doing this program in order to certify as a Transformation Coach, to them try and help people to identify their goals and where they are stuck in life to release their highest potential, as well as to help them to unlock the barriers they are currently presented within their life. 

My background currently is a freelance coach and tutor, where I have tutored students on HND subjects such as Hospitality Management, Health & Social Care and Business studies. I have a background in working with the Health and social care field and have worked in a number of different roles, including a Housing Advisor, Homeless Person Officer, Bond Officer, Substance Misuse Practitioner, and Employment Tutor/Trainer. I have worked as a Recruitment Consultant, including amongst a few and have worked as a volunteer Business Mentor for the Prince's Trust. All these roles have enabled me to teach people a variety of valuable life skills.

A CTF is a group coaching program/one to one in which people will pay £500.00 which has now been reduced to £250.00 for a ten-week program, which will be paid for in advance by the client who registers, which works out to be currently £25 per 2-hour session per week.

 I will use the money for the following to achieve my outcome, to enable me to set up as a coach; below is a set of costs that could help me with my business costs: 

Equipment                                Estimated Cost

Canon Camera                          £329.00

Laptop                                       £400.00

Campaign                                  £100.00    

(to 1st run a Face book Ad campaign for a month)

Business phone handset              £200.00   

The full cost of the course,           £3457.00      

Website Formation                       £299.00 

Total                                           £4785.00

 The loan is taken out so far:-

Loan Cost: £2,000 (paid for Coach to a Fortune Program), the interest charge on top £2929.12 = £4929.12 (cost of the full loan with interest). I can provide the receipts for what I have paid so far.

At the moment I need £1457, 00 in order to complete my certification as I have completed week one and two but need to complete week 3 & 4, but will appreciate any help with covering the cost of the full loan & equipment.

I would be most grateful if you could consider funding some of the above costs.

In times of austerity due to the outbreak of the Conovirus, I feel that coaches are needed more than ever, to help people with their transformation of where they want to head in their life, with many people losing jobs, and a whole ray of issues, life is very uncertain at the moment in time. I last week just lost a family member to this virus, so I can understand some of the emotions someone may feel. 

Once I finish my training I can offer a free coaching session and access to a personality test within my reach.

Thank you to those who have taken the time to read the above, it is much appreciated.

Stay safe!

Kind regards,


Collette Murray


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