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What is our Mission?

We are on a mission to change the way we think about progress and empower anyone, anywhere on the planet to be a change agent because we are each creator and our collective creations is the world we now live in.  So, if we are to change the world then we must find ways to change its creators.

Why do we all need to do this?

The world as we know it has progressively adopted a Consumerist, Capitalistic, Individualistic worldview that has impacted the entire ecosystem by creating a social, environmental and spiritual divide.   Our society, you, me and our governments at large recognise and feel the repercussions of these divides. This feeling is reflected in the fact that 9 out of every 10 people on this planet agree that our world is not an ideal world and 80% of us don't like what we do and how we express ourselves in this world, which makes us unhappy, unfulfilled and dissatisfied. Not a great space to create from.

Despite what we experience and feel, we have been unable thus far to create the systemic changes required to adjust our collective trajectory. The challenge that we face is to change our behaviour, so that we will become conscious, responsible creators of a future that we want.  Many researchers and thought leaders have suggested solutions to our challenges.  One such solution was presented by one of our great visionaries,  Elon Musk. He suggests an idea that had long been on the hearts of many thought leaders throughout our recent history - "Universal Basic Income" is the solution for widespread poverty and a must do action for a future that will certainly be powered by Artificial Intelligence, where machines would inevitably play a significant role in the food chain, both literally and metaphorically.  Another is the idea of the WEconomy (Well-Being Economy), suggested by Dr. Lorenzo Fioramonti, where he suggests that by breaking free from the growth mantra, we can build a better society that puts the well-being of all at its centre. A well-being economy would have a tremendous impact on everything we do, boosting small businesses and empowering citizens as the collective leaders of tomorrow.  We need more of these solutions if we are to see positive change and these solutions lay within you and me. 

What is the Problem we need to solve?

There is no question that there is an urgent need for us to lower the total ecological footprint of humanity AND redistribute wealth more equally because we are reaching dangerous levels towards overstepping the planetary boundaries, the thresholds that allow a safe operating space for humanity.  But progress seems to be dangerously slow, despite the fact that there seems to be more than enough people, organisations and movements working hard towards solving our problems. So, why is progress so painfully slow?  Why does such a huge gap exist between knowledge and action? 

Why get involved?

As change agents we lack a deep and practical unity.  We have been stuck in a competitive paradigm for so long that even as change agents we are still working in silos and competing against each other for limited resources. We can't help it because the system we have co-created is optimized for prioritizing acts of self-preservation. Today, our individual efforts within the MEconomy are just enough to maintain our own survival. In general, we have little time and other resources left over to contribute to the benefit of others.

We must disrupt our ingrained habits and transform the silos that we as change makers have been operating within for such a long time, so that they may become portals allowing us to reach a new level of collaboration with each other, to become an unstoppable force for change in our world.  This requires awakening to our dormant Deeper Humanity that will help us realize the greater connectedness to the world and others that continually seems to elude us is already an inherent part of us.  Ignite TV aims to inspire an awakening within human beings to a greater consciousness to recognise the impact of these 3 major societal divides as well as connect us to each other so that we can find those solutions and co-create the world we want.

What is our Solution?

This is why Ignite TV in partnership with Ignite Life and The Institute of Future Living introduces to you the STOP RESET GO Initiative.  Stop Reset Go is a simple 3 step turnaround strategy that can apply to any situation. It works at multiple scales and dimensions, beginning with the recognition of harm and ending with an alternative solution that replaces that with a process that leads to holistic well-being. The aim of this Initiative is to stimulate consciousness to address the root causes of our challenges and become part of creating a circular, regenerative and equal economy that supports well-being and nurtures happy, sustainable, and successful life.  

Supporting Documents for your Perusal...

Please find below a few documents for your perusal if you require more detailed information as to exactly how we plan to use your investment to bring Ignite TV to the world because we believe in transparency and accountability.

Ignite TV Business Plan

Ignite TV Operations Timeline

Set-Up Cost Breakdown

Monthly Budget Breakdown

Ignite TV Manifesto

Deep Humanity Manifesto

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