'Cnut' Short Film

by Rose Iredale in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom


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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by February 8th 2019 at 5:58pm

All funds raised after the initial £600, will be donated to The Hope Project - an N.G.O who create arts projects for the refugees of Lesbos.

by Rose Iredale in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

The Hope Project on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/HopeProjectKempsons/

'Cnut' follows the tale of a failing fool of a fisherman named Hogwash, lonely and bound to the sea. He resides in the small village of Bunkum and has been fishing clothes from the water for days. After Hogwash rescues a boy found floating amongst the debris, they attempt communication through facial expression and body language - developing a relationship of silent understanding. 

The film's concepts carry undertones of current conflicts surrounding the refugee crisis. With language being a barrier; for contact, for empathy, for understanding, foregrounding action over dialogue embraces the universal nature of film in it's accessibility to all. Bringing in elements of humour, poetry and experimenting with haptics, this film satirises the contemporary refugee crisis by subtly challenging the physical, social and emotional barriers we create. 

The initial £600 will all go towards:

  • the collection of materials for the set which is to be built and painted
  • the animation, which is to be shot on film and is rather costly to process and develop! 
  • maintenance of the boat and necessary safety equipment
  • costume, props and backdrops
  • travel expenses for actors and crew

The creators want the film to serve a purpose outside of the viewing experience, and have decided that all funds raised above the initial target of £600 for production will go to The Hope Project. As an independently run N.G.O, The Hope Project provide arts workshops and painting spaces to the refugees of Lesbos, Greece. Our contribution will go towards the renovation of the space, arts materials and project developments. 

Any small donation towards this project will be greatly appreciated by many!

Thank you

Rose & team 

Ste Iredale 

Ste Iredale plays the main character ‘Hogwash’, a failing fisherman who resides in the shambled, fictional village of Bunkum. Bound to the sea, Hogwash labours over his work day-after-day in hope of the perfect catch. Ste is a chainsaw sculptor and community artist who has lived in the tiny fishing village of staithes since 1988. Along with his eye for shapes, figures and utility of space, Ste is committed to embodying this fictional character in all his experiential forms.

Jack Iredale

Jack Iredale plays the character ‘Boy’, a traveller from across the sea who, after capsizing from his boat, washes into the port of Bunkum where he is found by Hogwash. Together the pair develop an unlikely friendship through the language of facial expression and movement. Jack has worked on several Stephen Joseph Theatre productions and developed an adaptation of the play Faustus. Following his experience with improvisational acting and use of movement over dialogue, Jack provides a delicate and mindful portrayal of a vulnerable character.


Rose Iredale

I began developing a narrative which moved from a fisherman’s life at sea, into a social exploration of our human relationships to the sea. Embodying a fictional satire, this film is centred around one political undercurrent – the refugee crisis and our relationship to people from different walks of life. Using the dialogue of movement and embracing the fluidity of disposition, I hope to be able to reach everyone with this story. With this in mind, I will take a multi-faceted approach to making this film, combining animation; puppetry, set building and theatre performance to create a textured experience. It’s exciting working in all of these different mediums, and I can’t wait to see where it ends up.

There is a rather big crew aside from these three! - we're also working with an Architect student Fergal Clenaghan on the set design, and a group of musicians who will provide drumming for the film's soundtrack.