The story of my life, my adoption after my mother abandoned me. And the roads of crime, drugs trafficking & love this lead me down

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I am a down to earth guy from the East End of London. Now living in North Devon chilling by the sea. A cockney lad that’s had a mad life over my fifty-seven years. I have had three marriages. I am the father to seven children. And I have lost count of flings and naughty nights out on the town. I think some would say, I was a bit of a busy-bee in my time! There are many people like me out there that have a story to tell. We don’t get many chances in life unless we go and grab them when we can. I have always wanted to be an author/writer but never got to do it. At the good old age of 57, I have decided to do just that and tell my life story. I was told to make this funding project be a friend. I do not expect anyone to fund it, but you never know unless you try. You can make my dream and books come true and a reality! I am not doing this project or writing my books for fame or fortune. I feel that my life adventures would make a few good books for people to read. It would make a great film as well. You can’t beat a real true life story!

My aim is to get my books published and out to the big fat world. And for me to tell you my story, in my words how it was for me, from my toddler age (yes I can remember this far back) and so on. Tell my life of crime, drugs, heartache & love! I was told to write this book back in 1993 by a UK government official when I was serving time in a Spanish prison for drug trafficking back in the nineties. I just laughed back then. But now I look at this and think very different. But I would not change any of it. It’s made me into the person I am today


The book will be one of three books may be four. It is impossible to tell my life adventures in one book. The first book will be called "CROW NESTS IN TALL TREES" (There is a reason for naming the first book this, you will have to read the book to find out!) I hope this book will pay for the second book and so on. This book will provide a true life autobiography of the events that happened in my life. which include crime, drugs, heartache & love! I will start at my toddler years, my adoption after my mother abandoned me and left me with the childminder who ended up being my adopted family. My adopted family nearly went to prison back in the early 1960s for not informing Welfare (Social Services) that my real mother just got up and vanished, my mother was a street walker (prostitute) My real father was a married man with children (I have siblings I have never seen) who was in jail when I was adopted. I will go into my very hard teen life times and my first marriage at the age of 16. I will go into me trying to find love and the real close family life that I wanted and needed so bad! It will educate many people of today how the Welfare of the late 1950 and early 1960s (Social Services) system failed many young people from this era. I am using my post from my Facebook profile for my description of my first book. I know once I get the first book published you will want to read the second (I did test the water before starting this project! I was shocked at the response I got. Thank you to my FB friends) I want to self-print my books if I can, even better would be a publisher to take it on. I do not think this will happen! But you never know!

I was born with the name John Stephen Jenkins on the 13th April 1958, I am now known and called Budda for over 20 years (mad nickname err? This story will be in one of my books) After my adoption I was re-named Stephen Edwin Cowland. I was adopted in the early 1960 to a family that was really too old to have a young growing boy around them. I do appreciate what they were trying to do for me. Plus, it was very hard for Edith Dorothy Marriot she became Edith Dorothy Cowland, my adopted mother. Edith had a curved spine and was in and out of hospital most of her younger days. In the family everyone called Edith Dolly. dolly came from a wealthy family. The Marriot family of Kentish Town, London. One of Three siblings, two daughters and one son of a businessman, a coal merchant in Kentish Town (I will explain more in my books) Harry William Cowland (my adopted father) was a very hard and cold man towards me and life, Harry had a very hard attitude and a strange way of looking at life. The only son with five sisters and his mother to look after, after his father died at a young age. I will tell all in my books and the story of the Marriot family (what I know) at war with each other for many years! All down to money and greed. My true life stories will be there for you in my books. I have only touched the tip of the iceberg here



There are a few people out there that are on my friends list that knows a few things about my past over the years. I am not going to be shy or get worried to let people know my life! Not at my age. So, over the last few weeks I have been thinking about writing this book about my life adventures. I was told to do this many years ago by a UK government official when I was serving time in a Spanish prison for drug trafficking back in the nineties (I bet there is a few of you now saying OMG)

Some people are afraid or embarrassed about their past. We all have a past. Some are madder than others. It’s called life! The book will contain: My story of my mother who was a street walker (for those of you that don’t know what a street walker is, It’s a prostitute) my father, How I grow up with my adopted family from the late fifty’s, my growing up (mainly on the streets of Essex and London) to manhood, my relationships, my one night stands, my three marriages (My first marriage at 16 years old) three ex-wives, eight children, my days of being a Jazz Funk DJ in 1979, the days I was dealing drugs, growing weed, being a bouncer, taxi driver, truck driver, shop worker, construction worker, factory worker, jack of all trades, my drug habit days (not smack) my rip offs, being ripped off, cruelness, being a downright nasty person, nice people caring people, idiot's, Criminals - Villains, organized crime, kindness, emotion, affection! My life is not the normal life people live or have in this world. I will explain how I got the nickname Budda, I have had this name for over 20 years, no one calls me John no more! Budda will soon be my real name via deed poll

So we are talking about a book which will go into books, that will lead into three may be four books that will be filled with sex, drugs, disco, jazz, clubland, heart break, real truth, deceit, lies, backstabbing, honesty, cheating and love. plus, much more of course! I'm going to be very honest and right down to earth with my writing, no holding back! This will be a very true honest story! A story of my life!

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 My old school in Debden, Loughton, Essex


How will the funds be used?

Proof-Reader: £150Book Editor: £800 Cover Design: £100 Print: £1950

Website & design will be done by myself. Below is one of the websites I


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What will the book be made out of?The book will be made from 100% recycled paper and will be self-print!

When will it go on sale to the general public? The book will be on sale on the 13th April 2016. My 58th Birthday!

Is the book available as a hardback? Yes, the book will be available both as a softback and a hardback.

 How much will the book cost?

I will update you on the final price! But I am looking to make my books for under £12 for paperbacks and under £15 for hardbacks. I am also looking to add my books to EBooks on Amazon and Amazon Kindle Books.  I will give 10% of my book sales to Cancer Research UK, Great Ormond Street Hospital