Clyde Valley Model Railway

Clyde Valley Model Railway

Jump aboard to help create the U.K.'s only Multi-sensory G Scale Railway attraction!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 The Clyde Valley Model Railway



The Clyde Valley Model Railway will be the first multi-sensory G Scale Model Railway attraction in the United Kingdom that is specifically designed to include not only the able bodied but those who have a disability whether it be physical or mental, or through age or infirmity.
Please visit for more information on our Mission Statement.


About Us

The Clyde Valley Model Railway is being driven by Ken Burnside and is a newly formed community interest company whose aim is to fully include everyone regardless of age or ability, to provide job opportunities, work experience and to promote community projects.

With years of experience working with youth groups, special needs groups, the elderly and the general public, this experience is now being combined to create a fun, entertaining, engaging and stimulating attraction that we hope will make everyone smile and a smile as they say, is worth a thousand words (it’s actually a picture but smiles work better!)

(Nothing to do with Railways this image. Just a great photo!)

What is our idea?

We have partnered with Dobbies Ltd. the prestigious Garden Centre business to create the Clyde Valley Model Railway within their Sandyholm Garden Centre in the beautiful Clyde Valley.

An 18,000 sq ft area that has lain dormant for quite a while has been obtained and we now have the challenging task of turning it from this

To this

And this

The site will be made up of a variety of G Scale locomotives and their rolling stock, over 1,000ft of track, miniature villages, people, cars, farms, animals and quite a few surprises along the way! (Did I mention Thomas the Tank Engine, Haggis Hill and Nessie Loch?)

Apart from the fun and enjoyment of watching the trains as they meander through the landscape, we believe that stimulating as many of the senses as we can, raises the project to a new level and heightens the experience for those who may for instance, be visually or aurally impaired.
The dynamic sight and sound of the locomotives, combining with the bells of a church or the sounds of a fairground plus the scents of Daphnes, Stocks, Honeysuckle and Hyacinth to name but a few makes this a most unique attraction.

Your Involvement

Every penny raised goes straight into the project and, if we meet our crowdfunding target, we have a benefactor to whom we are so grateful, that will match the target figure.
These funds in turn allow us to unlock grants for which we are eligible from the Scottish Government and South Lanarkshire Council and then the Clyde Valley Model Railway will be right on track!

Stretch Funding

If we reach our target and enter stretch funding, we will use these additional funds to bring forward plans to create a Field Team who will be able to attend community initiatives to perhaps assist fundraising, go into schools or to reach out to those who are unable to come to us allowing them to enjoy the experience as well.

Our Rewards

We thought long and hard about this but rather than offer T Shirts or Mugs or just a vote of thanks, we have tried to offer rewards equal to or greater than your contribution.
All the ticket rewards are transferable so if you can’t visit us but know someone who can, we’d love to meet them on your behalf.
The naming of stations and locomotives is a bit special. Maybe a loved one, a favourite destination?
We’d talk this through with you personally and offer a choice of locomotive if that is your level of support.
We’re also happy to meet anyone during the construction period. Just let us know if you want to visit and you can come to the site for a chat and maybe a cup of tea.
Could be a good idea to bring your Wellies as we might rope you in to a bit of digging!

When will we be open?

Our best estimate is the second May Bank holiday weekend. Quite a lot depends on the weather but Summer in Scotland this year is predicted to be the 23rd May so we should be fine with that!

To Sum Up

You may have detected little snippets of humour throughout this presentation but that is part of the fun we intend to create.
To hear the children laugh, to see the eyes of those who have been dealt a bad hand light up and to support others is something that really is rewarding and we can and will do that with your support.
Thank you.