Aim is be the first social networking messaging service for clubbers. Meeting people in clubs easier.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

What the project is, designing a phone app that connects people on a night out.

On a nightout interacting with people it can sometimes be difficiult. Approaching someone and saying 'hello' and you dont get a reply back this can drop your confidents.

Why not make going out and meeting people fun and easy.

I came with an idea, why not have an app, that connects people. You connect on the app and then meet up in person.

On the app the user creates a profile and adds a picture, and they write a little description about themself.

A user on a nightout and wants to meet people, they can send an open message, to their chosen group.  Users that recieve the message, they can view senders profile, if they are interested they can reply back, start a conversation. Once the users are confortable, they can meet up in person and enjoy the night away.