Club Aftercare- Services for post cosmetic surgery

by Gloria Stefany Quintero Florez in London, England, United Kingdom

Club Aftercare- Services for post cosmetic surgery
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Connecting you with the hands and minds to help maintain your surgical results - Club Aftercare

by Gloria Stefany Quintero Florez in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

I believe that we are at a point in business where collaborations and teaming up with other companies to make things happen is fundamental. My bigger plans would be to plan fun and inspiring networking events where it wont be intimidating or overly formal for Latino influencers, business owners, entrepreneurs and people just coming up with an idea can meet, inspire, collaborate, buy and sell with the concept of business, health and healing in mind. 

Who is Stefany? 
I am a 29 year old originally from Colombia and arrived to the UK with migrant parents in 1995. I did not take for granted my education in the UK and quickly fell into the conveyor belt of going to college, university and being prepared for a job! Unfortunately my conveyor belt also included getting a job in the opposite field I had studied, which is the case for many.

I started entrepreneurship back in 2016 after being made redundant. In that same year I was hospitalised, about to have a baby and my relationship ended. A friend introduced me to Network Marketing at the time I needed it the most and was open minded to doing something else other then working in retail for the next 40 years of my life. 

I visited Colombia and knew I was deserving of a treat after the year I had gone through. I underwent cosmetic surgery and when I returned to London I was surprised I could not find a personal trainer that was positive about my decision, a masseuse which specialised in lymphatic drainage or a life coach/mentor that could help me mentally with the reprogramming of my new body!

Why Club Aftercare?
Thanks to my drive, vision and understanding of working on a system and making money work for you, I came up with Club Aftercare. Whether or not surgery is seen as a taboo or frowned upon, it is a booming industry. I want Club Aftercare to educate people that surgery is not a quick fix to any problem. You need to first start working on the mind before the body follows which is why I have decided to start with these three services; life coaching, personal training and lymphatic massage

How does it work?
I personally identify the self employed service providers that would fit great with the brand, are knowledgable and customer service focused. Most importantly they are of a Latino background because they understand how important looking after yourself after a surgery is, for it to be effective.

I then market to customers on social media and other sources to direct them to the website where they can view the services and packages available for them and book everything online. The service is carried out on the customers preferred date and time, with the service provider they have chosen.

Vision & Mission 
My vision is for Club Aftercare to become the share of mind and share of heart in the cosmetic surgery industry. Club Aftercare will become the next Amazon of cosmetic surgery industry, but for this to happen I need the right help.

Mission is to help grow affiliates customer base through transparency, consistency and 5 star customer service that has a great website portal to match. Club Aftercare will create exposure for self employed Latinos in these specific fields and show that we are not just good for cleaning roles.

What will funding be used for? 
I will use the money to first pay for a bespoke, quirky website as the one I am using now is very argos catalogue and does not offer a home landing page along with other features essential for closing a customer - to keep up with technology an app is also essential and will be integrated with the funding

I will definitely like to be able to pay an intern or provide paid work to someone of latino ethnicity. I was helped a lot from the age of 16 with work experience and even part time work and would love to be able to give this back to someone else 

What are the rewards?
While I was pregnant and had free time I started making novelty napkins as a gift idea or decoration for a party. I started a small brand called Leona Gifts and would sell the Captain Napkins at markets which went down a treat! For a funding of £6 you will get a packet of hand folded, unique, lucky dip Captain Napkins

A discount of 15% is available on any of the services listed as rewards. You will also be the first to receive customised gym gloves with motivational quotes to keep you focused on the end result 

Thank You

I am very passionate about building this business to help other self employed latinos get recognition for their work. I also feel that there needs to be a mainstream platform created by a migrant, latina, single mother and I happen to be available to take the spot


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£45 or more

Lymphatic Massage with Mary Luz

Maryluz has arrived straight from Colombia with her knowledge and magical hands to improve your lymph system and provide an effective recharge to your body. Lymphatic massages in Colombia are as popular as a haircut which explains why women are known for their great hourglass figures. This session takes place in your home in South East/West London area - Take advantage of this promo price to ask questions, clear any doubts and start 2020 right

£6 or more

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Leona Gifts - Captain Napkins

We have teamed up with Leona Gifts who have agreed to gift their novelty Captain Napkins as a reward for anyone who pledges £6. We will do a lucky dip and designs include ‘Goal Digga’, ‘Best Boss’ or ‘Best Wishes’. The napkins can be given as a gift or used at the dinner table - anyone will be impressed with this gift idea and you get all the credit!

£44 or more

Online Personal Training Session with Charlyn

Charlyn is a personal trainer which specialises in training the glutes. This one off online session is perfect for people who are committed to keeping fit but are time broke - take advantage of this promo price to ask questions, clear any doubts and start 2020 right!

£55 or more

Personal Training Session with Manuel

Manuel has over 10 years experience in personal training and is a Nutritional Advisor, specialises in Strength & Conditioning and Weight Loss. He is a UKBFF competitor so be prepared for this session to be intense. This one off session takes place in South East London - Greenwich area. Take advantage of this promo price to ask questions, clear any doubts and start 2020 right!

£143 or more

Life Coaching Session with Christian

Christian works with anyone who believes they have everything they need within but need the space to blow the dust of their own solutions and make them a reality. Anyone who is ready to go from a place of reflection to action in any area of life. Declared change. Transformative change and Lifestyle change through coaching. Start 2020 right with this three hour session which takes place in London

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