Club Sandwich for the Wheelchair

Project by Meg Kingston
Club Sandwich for the Wheelchair

I'm working on my next book, due for publication late 2018. Pre-order here, get some promo goodies and your name in the book.

We did it!

On 28th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £1,000 of £1,000 target with 11 supporters in 42 days

Hello Everyone and welcome to my 2018 crowdfunding campaign.

Here’s the place to pre-order my new book, have your name included in that book and receive some fun promo goods with it. Currently it’s called Club Sandwich for the Wheelchair, but that may change if I think of an even more obscure reference for the title. The current target publication date is November 2018, RRP £9.99 and the cover’s largely green, but none of that’s guaranteed.

I will contact all funders about how their name should appear in the book – nicknames are fine but please keep it clean! Limit of 32 characters including spaces.

There will be some limited edition promotional goods included with each level of funding. The exact contents will depend on the number of people opting-in at each level, but they will be quality items appropriate to the title of the pack. Each level will contain all the ones before it, ranging from a set of bookmarks and pens to a good quality travel bag with accessories, suitable for cabin luggage and big enough for a laptop. Trust me – I get as many cheap plastic promo oojits as you do!

Several of the packs include copies of my earlier books. You may already have these, in which case you could preserve them in their pristine state in case I become a famous writer and copies of my early books valuable. Or give them as gifts. Or replace your original copies which are getting a bit dog-eared from being read so many times. If you come up with a different use, please let me know!

Each level includes UK postage, an additional charge will be added for other countries. Anyone arranging to collect their pack will get an extra promo item or two as a thank-you. New levels will be added when existing levels sell out, where possible. Later additions will not be as good a deal as the earlier ones and I may run out of earlier books, etc.

The book will be published both as a paperback and a Kindle ebook, although this crowdfunding campaign includes paper books only.

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