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Club Morgan

The Club Morgan programme gives children 'Tools for Life' in mind, body and emotions!

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £445 with 12 supporters in 129 days


So what is all this fuss about Club Morgan?! 

Club Morgan is a vibrant and fun Yoga based programme for children 3 - 11 years giving them 'Tools for Life' to cope with today's fast paced world. The programme has been researched for 5 years and includes:

* Yo-chi - a specially designed form of exercise combining Yoga and Tai-chi for physical well being 

* Story-telling and role-play for emotional awareness and understanding

* Relaxation and mindfulness for mental well being 

The curriculum also includes seasonal nutrition and teaches children about the functions of their organs through fun animated characters


Club Morgan was designed by Sue Woodd, a leading trainer in Seasonal Yoga and Tai-chi, alongside an ex-head teacher and a drama specialist. The programme gives faciliators week by week seasonal drama and physical exercises that relate to the emotional and energetic qualities of the season. We have written our own 'Campfire stories', which are a really special part of our programme. They interconnect Yo-chi through imaginative characters and narratives, helping chidren to use their imagination, while creating better flexibility, balance and strength.

The programme is a Seasonal curriculum which is now being piloted as a Licence in a few areas of the country by Yoga Teachers. The results are amazing! Children are under increased pressure in today's society - there are alarming statistics regarding the amount of children with obesity, anxiety and other physical and emotional issues. 

We are getting powerful feedback from children, parents and teachers about the results of our programme and there is now increasing scientific evidence supporting the benefits of yoga and mindfulness.

We are passionate about the mental health of children in Britain today, which is an issue often overlooked. By giving children the tools to take care of their body, mind and emotions we are empowering them to create a better awareness and sense of responsibility for their own health in a fun way.

Children taking part in a Club Morgan session will learn: 

  • about the cycles of seasons and nature cycles
  • about the functions of their organs
  • how to concentrate and focus the mind
  • how to understand their emotions and empathise with others
  • games to encourage social interaction, co-operation and sensitivity
  • listening and communication skills and the ability to follow instructions
  • how to develop awareness of their body and how to manage their health
  • how to link moves and exercises together with themed stories and sequences
  • meridian stretches to balance and manage their energy
  • breathing exercises that helps help calm or alter moods
  • postures and how to become still so they can find quietness and inner peace 


So why do we need your support?

We are rapidly growing Club Morgan while also developing our programmes for teenagers, disabled people, the elderly and for working professionals in the medical and educational sectors. We really need help and support to do this.

We are a relatively new team and need to expand so we can reach more children and people across the UK with our powerful health programme. We also want to make our programme more sustainable.We have proved ourselves to be a committed and strong team; we started from nothing and now have a small team of just under 15 Facilitators and 3 associates piloting Club Morgan as a business. We have been working our little socks off over the last 2 years visiting as many schools as we can but we can no longer meet the demand of parents and school wanting this programme on our own! We are now ready to grow and expand across the UK, offering other associates the opportunity of running a programme that can change positively childrens lives!

We have a really exciting engagement model that we have already piloted, perfect for Yoga teachers, teachers of children, parents that want a flexible job that makes a difference to children's lives. The programme is delivered via before and after schools clubs, as a sports session, at parties, festivals and sports centres, there are so many opportunites to make it a worthwhile and expanding programme. 

Club Morgan continue to be proud sponsors of the 'Yoga Show' London for the third year and can be visited at


Why are we crowdfunding?

The only way we can now expand as an international programme and there by positively benefit more children is with your financial support. The Directors have self funded for some time, but for us to get to where we need to be, we need to do a huge marketing and recruitment campaign. Any money you donate however big or small will go stright to the development of the programme which will help us to reach more children with these tools for life.

We have an holistic plan which encompasses finances,  programme development and personal development. We are aiming to raise £10,000 for the following 3 things. Every penny of your money will go to these projects:

1. New website: £2,000 

2. New brochures and marketing material: £3,000

3. Recruitment. We need Faclilitators and Associate across the UK to reach as many people as possible with these tools, therefore we need to do a big media launch and recruitment campaign: £4,000

* Club Morgan retail: products that support childrens well being - Sourcing and branding of Yoga mats, eco water bottles, FAIR TRADE yoga clothes etc: £1000 

Future projects that will need funding  -

* Toni Goffe is a renowned artist and children's author. We have plans to design a series of books about Morgan and his organ characters. These will be stories that highlight emotional lessons and journeys for children. There will be costs for design, publishing and printing.

 * New programmes for teenagers, the elderly, disabled people and working professionals in NHS and Education - There will be costs for the design, development and piloting of these programmes. 

 * The Club Morgan Foundation. Once we have secured our programme we are setting up a Foundation so we can visit hospitals and reach communities that ordinarily would not be able to access a programme like Club Morgan. We want to support families and schools, by giving young children a greater awareness of how to take better care better of their emotional, physical and mental well being.

 Thank you so much to every one who votes and donates. We appreciate every one of you!




From Children:

- 'I feel more myself when I do Club Morgan'      Sam

- 'Club Morgan has made me better at other sports I do. Also I do my relaxation at home, I like feeling quiet '     Feddie (Rugby player!)

- 'I get very worried about things and always go to Mummy, the other night when Mummy came in and I was doing the breathing on my bed that I learnt in Club Morgan'     Lillian

- 'My body is talking when I do Yo-chi!'        Elise

From Parents:

- 'Lucy has has gone from a very reserved quiet young girl to a bubbly happy one and I believe  that Club Morgan has played a big part in this'

- 'Sarah will ask for healthy foods at home and really enjoys making all sorts of smoothies since the organ characters inspired her to learn about seasonal fruit and veg. Weight is a problem and she is slowly losing that due the Yo-chi she does at Club Morgan and at home'

- 'I think Ben is super sensitive and gets strong emotions - he needs skills to keep is energy clear and calm. The breath work he does at Club Morgan really helps with this at home too'


- 'Club Morgan should be in all schools!'    

- 'What a wonderful opportunity Club Morgan is. The children are always so engaged'  

- 'Yes to Club Morgan, I hope it grows from strengh to strength!'

- 'What a great programme, the children really need this'

- 'Interesting to see drama and yoga together, but it works. The children seemed to love the relaxation at the end'


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