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The only app you will ever need to locate children's clubs and activities around the U.K.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £202 with 19 supporters in 108 days

Club Hub has now launched to the public on the App store and Google Play. Thank you for all your amazing support. Please check out our website

Bright Pig Business of the week, over 1,000 followers on twitter and runner up in Ideas Britain's In Sport Competition. Club Hub is an app idea to locate children's clubs and activities around the U.K. Club Hub is an idea to get children out of the house away from their various technology devices and make new friends, gain confidence and get more exercise. We need to raise £5,000 to create the app. 

Blog Posts by Parents Supporting Club Hub UK

"What better way to find out where the best kids clubs are than to search for them right in the palm of your hand? I myself wouldn’t really know where any clubs are other than one’s I’ve heard people talk about so this will be a useful tool for anyone who’s little darling had expressed an interest in joining a club."

"There is a lot to do in Edinburgh for children, from standing under the giant whale at the National History Museum to being puzzled at Camera Obscure! I don’t think you could ever be bored but what if you didn’t know what was on offer? Maybe you are new to the area or visiting somewhere for the first time. There is a brand new app which promises the answer."

"Our family activities will be changing a lot from July as the twins are starting pre-school. If this app delivers what it promises, then I know that I will be a regular user!"

"A few days ago I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, looking through those suggestions they give you on who to follow and up pops Club Hub UK, so I thought I’d take a look- I couldn’t resist that cute little profile pic! It turns out that this little beauty is going to be a must have for parents with kids!"

My Story

My ‘Club Hub’ journey began back in September 2014, when I had more time than I wanted on my hands. After having not as much acting work as I had hoped for I decided to create ‘Tessa’s Jazz Hands’; my own Musical Theatre Children’s Club in South West London. I was already a well-known babysitter in the area and with my Mum was working at the local school I managed to secure a few children to join my club. I started teaching children every Wednesday after school, everything I could in terms of acting, singing and dancing. At the time I only had a few children coming each week which sparked my idea which has now become Club Hub UK. I thought that there should be a way that I could promote my after school club to all the local parents of East Sheen without spending all of my money. I then thought about creating an app where people could locate all the children’s clubs in their area – a simple app where parents could input their child’s age and interests, and the search results would list local clubs and their details. This was just a pipe dream though as financially it wasn’t viable, so I continued to promote ‘Tessa’s Jazz Hands’ on social media similar to every other children’s club I knew. I put the idea to the back of my mind and began working in other jobs to support myself financially. Please vote and pledge for my project and make my dream become a reality. 


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