"A Funny Way To Die" - Worldwide Festival Run

by Lost Eye Films Ltd in Swanley, England, United Kingdom


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Maria is having a quiet night in when a mysterious Toy Clown shows up on her doorstep. It's pretty creepy. But it's just a toy... right?

by Lost Eye Films Ltd in Swanley, England, United Kingdom

Yeah, um... HELP!


While going slightly mad during Lockdown, we made "A Funny Way To Die". Despite our best efforts, it has actually turned out really good and now we'd like to take it on a worldwide festival run. We want to share this weird little film with people all around the globe and scare the bejesus out of them.


But we can't do it alone.

We have a creepy clown with a mind of its own and a demonic thirst for blood  so now with a knife in our teeth and a song (of doom) in our hearts, we're asking for help.


It doesn't't have to be financial help either, just sharing this page and a 'like' is enough and we (the Clown mainly, but also the rest of us) would be forever grateful.



With that in mind, thank you for getting this far down the page - you've already survived longer than most people would in a horror movie - and remember... that feeling of being watched by a Killer Clown from hell, is just that.

A feeling of being watched by a Killer Clown from hell... Run FFS... RUN!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 - A Creepy Wink

Thank you, it may not seem like much, but everything helps to send this creepy clown film off around the world... (and as far away from us as possible! We may actually sleep tonight!). Seriously though, thank you. This will get us one step closer too submitting to those film festivals that we can't reach by bribery, creepy phone calls or threat of collusion.

£20 or more

£20 - Clown Shoes

Ok, really - thank you! This will make a BIG difference to the body count and could make or break where we submit the film to worldwide! Thank you from the bottom of our dark little hearts! To show our appreciation of your appreciation, we would like to give YOU something! You get our eternal gratitude plus a couple of added extras: INCLUDES: A Digital copy of the Script & A Digital Photo from Behind-The-Scenes!

£30 or more

£30 The Big Top!

Um... OK... just... WOW! If you're trying to impress us? It's worked. THANK YOU! This will make huge difference in festival submissions! The Clown thanks you personally & even offers a respite in the amount of time it watches you sleep & haunts your dreams! INCLUDES: A Signed Digital Copy of the Script - A Signed Digital Behind-The-Scenes Photo - and A Private Link to The Film before it's released to the public!

Let's make '"A Funny Way To Die" - Worldwide Festival Run' happen

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