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Cloudless Festival

Cloudless Festival- is an unorthodox outdoor music festival- proposing a different way to experience the same place!

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On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 94 days

Cloudless Festival – Escape the norm

We aim to nurture and encourage a lasting interest in outdoor music - as a basic human involvement. Transport lifecycles collectively to grasp and cherish the Art of Music, unlike conventional music festivals.

We will be showcasing the hottest musicians preforming in an open outdoor festival – with cutting edge sound technology. Towards the end of the Festival our team of qualified Lantern litters will prepare the lanterns ready for sky display to showcase a unique surrounding.

  • A sky lantern; usually recognized as Chinese lantern, a small hot air balloon prepared of paper, with a gap underneath where a small fire is suspended. Though The sky candle expression is used to imply balloon munitions showcased during World War II.

Cloudless Festival provides an opportunity to individuals from across the United Kingdom and other areas of the world to exhibit and to distribute their event proficiencies and resourcefulness with us. To assess and reflect on musical achievements and originality in a productive and supernatural way.

Illustrating an optimistic impact, the artistic activity has on individuals; offering amusement, embracing spaces and inspiring lives. Ethnicities gives places character, stimulating honour in the local community. It also constructs provision in terms of maintainability, reducing joblessness, uplifting personalities and motivating societies to embrace inventive and energetic lifestyles.

Cloudless Festival is an inventive culture group that appoint young people in positive movements, appeal to the general public and industries for a successful local economy.  


In order to further develop Cloudless Festival, we aim to make it known to local residents and the world –by combining diverse lifecycles - approach and boost the profile of coming events to visitors unaware - we plan to surprise the world this August - the occasion is being planned with some amazing line-ups supporting tourism, ethnicities, legacy and the art of music in a bold and inventive way.  

Running from April to August the agenda has been intended to charm audacious onlookers and embraces live performances, DJ, trendy music, lantern displays and much more.  

Cloudless Festival will upturn community contributions - by presenting events which will draw interest both of regional and intercontinental. We will be incorporating an outdoor remembrance throughout the United Kingdom and a number of other extraordinary occasions starring artistic acts of mainstream calibre.

Cloudless Festival - is distinct from our competitors- raising awareness and offering a percentage of our annual equality to create a unique opportunity for the thousands of people who have left areas in Africa and Middle East in recent months seeking refuge in Europe. Statistics have revealed that many of these people are mothers, teenages and young children- escaping an unpleasant environment. We aim to conquer the top ten social issues today.

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