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Cloud Nine

The aim of my project is to complete my dream of becoming a pilot, by finishing off my Private Pilots Licence this year.

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On 30th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £110 with 4 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

The aim of my project is to complete my dream of becoming a pilot, by finishing off my Private Pilots Licence this year.

About the project

This project is self-development, I’ve always had the dream of becoming a pilot, I’ve tried multiple routes including the military and have had many knock backs. However, that will not stop me of achieving my goal. This is a stepping stone on to building a career out of flying but, first I need to finish a PPL. So far i have had various scholarships and have tried very hard to fund my 43:30 hours so far! All that remains are a couple of hours and a Skills test.                                                                                           (Above, me in Tayside after completing my course with my instructor)                                 

I joined the 206 Thornton-Cleveleys Squadron, Air Cadets in 2006 with the hope to join the RAF after, whilst being a cadet i was fortunate enough to get a gliding scholarship and continue to fly Grob Vigilants at a local RAF base (RAF Woodvale). I did this for a couple of years a built 56 flying hours, however when I became too old for the cadets the gliding finished too.

After this I had to find other ways to fund my flying, the best was I found was through an Air League Flying Scholarship which allowed me to go on a concentrated two week course up in Tayside, Dundee. This allowed me to developed competency and really made me more confident and safer when flying. Last year, just before undergoing this course I completed all my ground school exams and saved up as much as I could to make the most out of this opportunity. Because of this I used the time I was up there to do extra flying and exams. Which meant I was able to come back home with my solo cross country navigation and my radio telephone exam completed, which are large milestones on the route to a PPL.

Soon after returning home, I joined the BAE Flying club and flew from Blackpool airport. This was getting used to the area, expanding my instrument flying and one solo flight. I also went for my Class 2 medical which luckily is valid for the next five years.

This is where my apprentice wage has gotten me so far. 43:30 hours, with just a couple of hours remaining and skills test. Unfortunately flying hours are expensive. So, I've gone a slightly different route, instead of joining an integrated course which would put my mother’s house at risk and leave me drowning in debt, I have tried this crowd funded project. Unfortunately it's a longer route; with a lot of people who don't believe what I’m doing is right. However I'm unable to work another job as there just isn't enough time in the day. 

For now I’m aiming for the first stepping stone, my Private Pilot’s Licence. I'm close now and only require the last couple of hours to reach the minimum hours (45hrs) to apply for a licence and undertake the skills test. There are a few extras rather than the couple of hours to get me finished, the break down is here: £120 Flying club membership £300-500 Two - Four flying hours (ish, this depends on a little revision that may be required and things i can't control like bad weather that may alter the flying lesson.  £195 PPL Skills test £183 Licence Application Fee Also another hurdle is I completed all my 9 EASA ground school exams a little while a go and at £28 a pop it would be a waste to have to re-do these again. They expire two years after the last exam is taken, so i have to take a skills test before January 2016. This is the main reason I've set my target for the end of this year.

I wouldn't usually ask for a donation like this, but I wouldn’t be able to afford to complete this until maybe late next year and I’d rather try my best with the help of some kind people to get it finished before the end of this year, whilst I have the momentum and drive. I'm an honest person, so if you'd like to help me out it would be greatly appreciated and if share a similar passion to fly I’m sure you'll understand why I’m doing this. 

Thank you very much for your time and your donation.



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