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I want to raise funds to start a clothing brand that will raise awareness of the mental health problems in young people here in the UK

by Lee Sutherland in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Hi, welcome and thankyou for coming to my funding page. I have had this idea for over a year now but haven’t had the funds to get it off the ground, but now that a friend has told me about crowdfunding I’m determined to make this happen. I don’t think anyone truly knows the extent of mental illnesses in our younger generation here in the UK & Ireland, an just how many are struggling on a daily basis with simple daily tasks due to not having direction in speaking out about how they are feeling inside. The mind is a very complex thing and a simple misalignment can change, hinder or end a life. I myself having battled depression and anxiety for many years only know only too well how hard it can be to get up on daily basis go to work, socialise and go about your daily routine when all you want to do is get back under your covers n hide away from the world. Even now after 5 years from diagnosis I still battle daily mental block with myself to get out the door so I can only imagine how hard it can be for a teenager/ young person battling mental illness in the era we live in, with social media platforms and online perceptions of how life should be lived. I have done plenty of homework on what is available for young people to reach out for help and it’s very little, the governments should be ashamed with the tiny funding pots available to fund local community groups, care workers, charities and education in schools etc surrounding this serious problem. My idea has come from working as a Barber and dealing with so many young men weekly i see just how self conscious men have become about their appearance and I truly think that’s great way into the minds of the younger generation, branded product range and clothing would raise much needed funds to help local community projects/youth groups an would definitely raise awareness in the barbering/hair  industry, which I feel is the perfect entry point to spark up conversations and hopefully help people speak out about this mostly taboo subject. My plan is to brand some great hair styling products & clothing ie hoodies, caps and tees (which I have already sourced top quality suppliers) use social media platforms to get the brand out there online and document donated profits were needed to help as many people suffering as possible. Ive already local barbers & hairdressers already eager to wear branded clothing n stock the products in their salons & barbershops. Already that has opened my eyes to how many there is out there that can relate to this issue and want to help. I feel this will only be the tip of the iceberg and this could snowball fairly quickly. If the brand can raise enough funds, raise awareness to help with speaking out, push sufferers towards talking to a friend or loved ones then we together could start changing saving a lives, then it will be more than worth it. 

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