Clothe Me - Thank You

Providing redeemable vouchers for everyday clothing exclusively from charity shops to individuals and families in financial need.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our founders were concerned about the alarming growth of poverty in the UK and wanted to do something practical to help those who were living in poverty or who were experiencing financial difficulty. 

Having witnessed the work of food banks, and how much they make a difference, we felt there was a discrepancy between those people who are able to afford the luxury of being able to donate their unwanted clothes to a charity shop and those who can’t afford to clothe themselves.

Clothe Me - Thank you bridges this social gap by harnessing the wealth of one group whilst servicing the needs of the other and still maintaining the dignity of the people it is helping.

With a growing number of charity shops on the high street and the number of people without the means to buy clothes, it seemed a natural progression to build a bridge between the two.

With the seed funding of £1000 from a donor to help us start and set up the charity, we have set ourselves the task of turning that £1000 into £1,000,000 to distribute to people who are struggling to clothe themselves or their family. 

In a nutshell, our charity gives vouchers, like any other you’d buy to use on the high street, which can be redeemed in our partner charity shops. 

 These vouchers are distributed through food banks, homeless charities, and charities which support the elderly and families in need.

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