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Providing redeemable vouchers for everyday clothing exclusively from charity shops to individuals and families in financial need.

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Our founders were concerned about the alarming growth of poverty in the UK and wanted to do something practical to help those who were living in poverty or who were experiencing financial difficulty. 

Having witnessed the work of food banks, and how much they make a difference, we felt there was a discrepancy between those people who are able to afford the luxury of being able to donate their unwanted clothes to a charity shop and those who can’t afford to clothe themselves.

Clothe Me - Thank you bridges this social gap by harnessing the wealth of one group whilst servicing the needs of the other and still maintaining the dignity of the people it is helping.

With a growing number of charity shops on the high street and the number of people without the means to buy clothes, it seemed a natural progression to build a bridge between the two.

With the seed funding of £1000 from a donor to help us start and set up the charity, we have set ourselves the task of raising funds to distribute to people who are struggling to clothe themselves or their family. 

In a nutshell, our charity gives vouchers, like any other you’d buy to use on the high street, which can be redeemed in our partner charity shops. 

 These vouchers are distributed through food banks, homeless charities, and charities which support the elderly and families in need.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£35 or more

Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers

Bouquet of Spray Dianthus with Gypsophila and foliage. Beautifully wrapped and tied with a ribbon ready for delivery to you this stunning Bouquet is long lasting. Code 09911JOYF

£10 or more

Mars Bar Munchy

Yes, we will send you a Mars bar if you pledge £10

£20 or more

Double Munchy with Mars & Snicker

Yes, we will send you a Mars & Snicker bar if you pledge £20

£31 or more


Orange Brownie Butter evokes memories of scraping out the cake mixing bowl as a child. Brownie Butter can be used as a rich creamy chocolate sauce for ice cream, a dip with fresh fruit over waffles pancakes or any other dreamy dessert you can think of. Each jar contains 180g of brownie butter.

£45 or more

A Bouquet of Lovely Fresh Carnations

A bouquet of lovely fresh Carnations contrasts against the white Gypsophila, with palm leaves. Beautifully wrapped ready for delivery to you. Code 09931LOL

£45 or more


The Original Cottage Brownies, home baked by Kate the baker, regular chocolate with no nuts. Code: 1 09971

£49 or more

Beautiful Pink Crystal Bouquet

A pink crystal bouquet made up of pink Roses and Lillies together with Gypsophila, Pink Dianthus, Pink Santini flowers and foliage. Beautifully wrapped and tied with matching ribbon before being delivered. Code: 09918PIN

£49 or more

The Wine Tasting Experience Selection

Pheasant Gully Semillon Chardonnay (25cl) (Alcohol Content- 12.50%) Pheasant Gully Shiraz Cabernet (25cl) (Alcohol Content- 13.50%) Vino Ulmo Cabernet Sauvignon (25cl) (Alcohol Content- 12.50%) Vino Ulmo Sauvignon Blanc (25cl) (Alcohol Content- 12.50%) Code: 00150187 In the event of supply difficulties, or with discontinued products, we reserve the right to offer alternative goods or packaging of equal quality and value.

£49 or more

The Collection Prosecco & Chocolates Gift Set

An exquisite combination of sparkling prosecco and luxurious printed personality chocolates presented in a gift box. Casa d'Amello Prosecco (75cl) (Alcohol Content- 11.5%) The Collection of Exceptional Characters (75g) Code: 00286640 - 00002 In the event of supply difficulties, or with discontinued products, we reserve the right to offer alternative goods or packaging of equal quality and value.

£49 or more


Brownie Butter Collection gift pack of 1 each of unique brownie butter flavours. "THE spread of 2017" - Olive Magazine January 2017 "Outrageous new product alert." - Jay Rayner (The Guardian Sunday 22nd January) Code: 33 09991

£78 or more

45 Minute Gunwharf Quay RIB Blast for Two

Get ready for a high-speed, white-knuckle ride you’ll never forget with this incredible RIB blast for two. Your wet and wild 40 minute ride on this powerful inflatable boat will start with a short tour of the harbour, giving you stunning views of famous boats and the Solent forts, before you hit the open water and your experienced instructor really lets loose! Your adrenaline levels will soar as you blast around the Solent.

£107 or more

iFLY Extended Indoor Skydiving Experience

If you’ve always wanted to know the feeling of falling from thousands of feet through the air, but don’t really fancy dropping out of a plane, then we have just the experience for you; indoor skydiving! A huge indoor wind turbine, blowing air at you as you’re dressed in a specially designed jumpsuit, will propel you into the air; and as long as you adopt the correct position it will keep you there. Milton Keynes, Basingstoke or Manchester

£135 or more

JCB Driving Day for One at Diggerland

You are going to have tons of fun...8½ tons to be precise! You will have the opportunity to drive a genuine JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader - the perfect experience for anyone who ever wondered what it'd be like if their Tonka toys were real. You'll get to dig holes, shift earth, backfill, and all sorts of stuff that you can't do anywhere else with anything else. Your voucher is valid for 10 months for one person

£289 or more

Tandem Skydive - UK Wide

For the spirited adrenaline junkie, there really is no greater challenge. This tandem skydive is the ultimate test of bravery for all thrill seekers, as you plummet from the plane. After your short briefing, you will be kitted up in a jumpsuit ready to board the plane. An anxious 25 minute flight to reach the correct altitude will give you all the time you need to test your nerves to their limits before you’re finally ready to take that leap.

£535 or more

One Night Cliff Camping for Two in Pembroke

Spend a night feeling like you’re perched on the very edge of the world, with this breath-taking cliff camping experience in Pembrokeshire. Suspended from the cliff-face on a hanging tent known as a ‘portaledge’, spend a night overlooking the sea and wake up to spectacular views of the rugged coastline and local wildlife such as seals and seabirds. Dinner and breakfast for two are included during your time there.

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