Our driver is a veteran of 9 years from the military trying to complete a full season in the BRSCC Mazda Championship in 2017.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our driver is a veteran of 9 years from the military trying to complete a full season in the BRSCC Mazda Championship in 2017. Our goal is to complete a full season and finish the season at the point where we can take on another racing driver!

We are looking to seek funds from a community that enjoy the life in the fast lane - as cheesey as it sounds everyone has a bit of a dare devil in them.

In 2011 Mike was injured competing for his unit, breaking his right lower leg in three places, this was surely the door on competitive skiing closing. Little did he know that with the changes happening in the UK armed forces this was to put an end to his military career as well.

2013 was a dark year as sadly Mike's dad, Tony, passed away suddenly the day after his 50th birthday. Mike took this as a sign to live life exactly how you want it to be, pushing toward your dreams and not looking back. Because at the end of the day we are all heading somewhere, why not at a 100mph+. He took the opportunity and decided to put every effort into chasing a dream in motorsport, purchasing our little Mazda to compete in  and signing himself upto to a degree in Motorsport Engineering.

So far we have built a team that supports each other like family. Making sure the legacy of Tony continues in the work we do. Kindness and respect are key in all aspects, but know this once the visor is down don't get too close. After all, we know Close Racing.

We are looking for anyone willing to become part of a small, northern race team and assist us on getting Mike back on track after a rather difficult last season. Currently requiring funds to get us through a season succesfully. Absolutely every ounce of energy and breath goes into achiving what we do. We are a family invested in each other and want those who have the same family ethos to support us.

In return for sponsoring us we will place everyones names on to the race car and a dedicated page on

We would also be willing to any one that sponsors us more than £100 will recieve a ticket to attend an event of choice, hospitality and custom behind the scenes tour of a race events. 

Those willing to sponsor more than £250 will recieve all above, a dedicated shout out from the driver during the race event, and t-shirt from us here at Close Racing.

We are truely thankfull of anyone that helps us, be it supporting us financially or pushing the reach of our social network, and will be there for the fans and supporters of motorsport, always.