Clonter Pantomime - Sleeping Beauty

Clonter Pantomime - Sleeping Beauty

Bring back Panto to Clonter, and provide a platform for local children to tread the boards - alongside young West End performers.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


"One of the best Pantos to grace a Cheshire stage", Congleton Chronicle, Cinderella 2014

"Top class singing and dancing...all of us enjoyed it immensely.  Do hope you'll be back with another smasher next year", Jack & The Beanstalk 2015

"The best panto I have ever seen", Cinderella 2014 and Jack & The Beanstalk 2015

Some audience members came more than once!

Clonter needs to urgently raise £8K to secure a Panto this Christmas!
"Christmas isn't Christmas without a Panto"

 Back Story of Panto @ Clonter

 In 2013 a young aspiring producer and choreographer (and former dancer), William Whelton, approached Clonter to enquire if they would entertain the idea of a Panto being put on in their theatre.  One of the main aims of Clonter is to provide performing opportunities for emerging professional artists, as well as a commitment to making the arts as accessible as possible to the local community.  With William Whelton's commitment to bringing professional West End performers to work alongside local children, his panto ticked all these boxes.

So in 2014, Clonter saw the first panto on its stage - Cinderella, which attracted 2,000 new people though Clonter's doors, many from the local community, who had never been to Clonter before.  In 2015, Clonter co-produced the second panto - Jack and the Beanstalk - which saw a 30% increase in numbers, and provided an opportunity for even more local children to take part.

How to get the Panto back

In 2016 William Whelton took over the basement of an old mill in Manchester, and turned it into a vibrant new theatre and Hope Mill Theatre was born.  With new commitments and having had two very well received pantos, it was decided that it was time to start to be more realistic about what this should cost, and that people could no longer be expected to do it for love.  Sadly however in 2016, we were unable to raise the funding required from local sponsorship and therefore there was no Panto. Unwilling to accept defeat, and encouraged by numerous enquiries as to if Panto was going to return to Clonter, it was decided to look to people power to help raise the £8k needed.

The Tale of Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is proposed to be the third panto at Clonter.  Sleeping Beauty is the magical tale of a Princess who pricks her finger on a spinning wheel and lands herself in all sorts of troubles with evil QUeens and fire breathing Dragons.  Come and help Sleeping Beauty  find her Prince and win your hearts this Christmas in the fun filled Family Pantomime which is one for all the family to enjoy this festive season.  For small kids and big kids everywhere!

Community Benefit

This will provide a platform for not only more West End performers, but also more opportunities for local children, an opportunity which is often where the former all began.  For those that do not go on to tread the boards later in life, this also provides a life experience that they may look back upon and tap into to help them in other personal and professional ways, be it standing up to make a presentation at work, or making a speech at their best friend's wedding.

Your Donation

No donation is too small.  Every little bit counts.  Be part of helping make this happen.  We have two months to raise this funding, and bring panto back to Clonter in time for Christmas 2017!