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Summary of the Business: 

  • Our business is primary a climbing centre, which concentrates on a product called ‘Clip ‘n Climb’ this product has a number of climbing challenges that people will pay to spend approx. 1 hour climbing to the top of each challenge. This activity is aimed at ages from 4  years old and enables all levels of abilities to participant. There will also be a soft play area for under 4  years so the whole family can visit Go Kids Go and enjoy the experience.


    There will also be other facilities on site these include:


    Café/ Seating/ Viewing Area

    Party Areas

    Briefing Room

    Reception Area



    We intend to sell 1 hour slots in the climbing arena and unlimited time slots in the soft play area. We also intend to run a fully operational café and sell climbing equipment and ‘Clip ‘n Climb’ merchandise.


    The hour slots for the climbing arena will mainly be sold on an on-line booking system through our website, where people will book their timeslot and submit payment by card on-line. Walk inns’ will also be taken, this will be taken by reception if timeslots available. Soft Play will be taken at other reception. All other services, i.e the Café will be taken on site.


    We will also host kid’s parties, which will bring in additional revenue to the business. This will consist of a climbing session then 45 mins in a party room, we’re we will serve simple and healthy food which has been chosen by the person who booked the party session.



    • The business mission:


    ‘Healthy Challenging, Fun for Everyone’ is our mission statement. We want to create a fun environment that the whole family can enjoy.


    • The business vision:


    We see ‘Clip ‘n Climb Leicester ’being our first of many centres, we look to open centres in other areas. Expanding once ‘Clip ‘n Climb Leicester is making a profit but also improving and adapting our existing centre to keep it fresh with new products that come onto the market. We look at expending in year 3 of the business.


    • What sets this business apart from the competition:


    There is nothing like this in the Leicester area or the surrounding immediate areas. The nearest one is Nottingham which is approx 70mins drive from Leicester our centre will have the newest technology in the climbing world, an activity that suits all ages where the whole family can be involved. The quality of the products to be installed will be of the highest specification.


    • How will this business be staffed:


    We are not intending to run the business ourselves, we will require a centre manager who will oversee the general running of the centre. We will also require several part time staff who will be on minimum wage. The café will also be staffed and a party area coordinator for busy periods.

  • About Us:

Why do we want to start our own business:

My current business is Go Kids Go an indoor play centre was established and running successfully for the past 10 years and for the past 4 years under my management. We have a large clientele who like to visit us as we offer a variety of activities such as Soft Play, Laser Quest, High Ropes, Climbing Trees, Tangle Tower & Go Karts for children. 

Clip n Climb would be the first in Leicestershire. 

  • The Market and Location Details

The business’s typical customer and where they are based:

Our typical customer is very vast, anyone from the age of 4 years to 80+ years can participant in this activity. This gives us a great advantage because we have no limits to who we can offer and sell this activity too. We will encourage all ages, gender and abilities to have buy a climbing session with us.

This also includes adult only classes and circuit training classes. We can also offer school session using their GCSE syllabise this will enable us to book session in quiet periods.

Majority of customers will be  university students and the surrounding areas with huge population and we will be promoting in all these areas.

  • Reasons for chosen Location:
  • The building is situated within a mile from City Centre surrounded by Leicester University and De-Montfort University and local residence. With in a 100 meters there is retail park with Odeon Cinemas, local pubs, supermarket etc, so excellent location for visiting from surrounding areas. There is also a cycle routes and bus routes all round this chosen location.
  • The location is an existing established Indoor play and party centre. Clip N Climb will be with in this building with a separate entrance, separate sitting area and cafe area.
  • No other Clip ‘n Climb centre in the Leicestershire area.
  • Very limited entertainment, leisure activities in the area and nothing like Clip N Climb.
  • The first Clip ‘n Climb centre in the whole of Leicestershire, We feel that customers from all the surrounding areas will also visit.
  • Excellent highways network around location, including good public transport
  • Newish industrial estate, building is modern and sits within an attractive area.
  • Prefect building to house Clip ‘n Climb, see below details of building.
  • Plenty of car parking designated for us to utilise.
  • Population figures, see below 2011 population figures:

Site Address: Go Kids Go, Unit 2 Raw Dykes Road, Leicester, LE2 7JU

  • Why will customers visit our Centre instead of our competitors:

We will be the first Clip ‘n Climb centre in Leicestershire, We will offer something fresh and different to this area, were everyone will want to try out the latest craze in climbing.

The nearest similar centre is located in Nottingham 30 miles away, which is approx 45 mins drive away.

We will create new clients and climbers, allowing people to try the sport for the first time.

  • Details of the chosen building:

The building is the centre unit with in a business unit consisting of 2 other buinessess ( £ stretcher and Lifestyle fitness Gym)

The height and footprint is ideal for this type of project, the height at the eaves is 6.9m and the footprint is approx 300msq. Having a good height at eaves level is prefect for a climbing elements. The footprint is moderate so keeping the rental down but is big enough to enable 25 climbing lines and a café with amenties within this floor space.

Car parking is excellent, there are 115 car parking spaces that can be utilised, the other buisness either side of our unit have very limited vehicles so allowing you to utilise approx 80% of this car parking. Having good parking facilities is a good aspect to have allowing customers to park at ease to visit our Clip ‘n Climb centre.

The building is of typical industrial construction, exposed steelwork and concrete floors, this is ideal for installation of Clip ‘n Climb, being able to attach to existing steels and the floor.

The landlord owns all of the building, so has control over the whole site.

The landlord has agreed on all building amendments required and also for us to put signage up on the building so people can see it from the main road.

  • Our business’s strengths:

We will create new clients and climbers in our area, allowing people to try the sport for the first time. There is nothing like this activity within a 35 mile radius, giving us an advantage in this sector. We are offering soft play and other interactive activities also which will allow all the family to come to our centre for a day out.

Our café will be simple but high quality, allowing people to call in just to use the café.

  • Our business’ weaknesses:

As an indoor activity, summer or hot weather can direct customers for an outdoor play / activity sessions.

 The main opportunities available to your business:

Being the only Clip ‘n Climb Centre in the Leicestershire area. Massive adventure opportunistic population within area.  

 The main threats to your business:

Possibility of other Clip ‘n Climb Centres opening within a short distance away.