Clio championship #23

by Jason powell in Norton Subcourse, Norfolk, England

Clio championship #23

To compete in the 750mc Clio championship in 2019

by Jason powell in Norton Subcourse, Norfolk, England

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.


Hello every one!

after my successful first competitive entry in to the 750mc Clio championship I am now saving and trying to raise funds so I can compete in a full season in 2019!

Ever since I can remember all I wanted to do was race cars at Some level and I was lucky enough to get my foot in the door But now I need your help!

in return I will have the car wrapped with all the names of every one that contributes, significant contributors will have a special design for there name and put pride of place in a location of there choosing!

So so let’s have fun together and make a unique design for the car and have a fun season racing together!

Let's make 'Clio championship #23' happen

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