Be the 60 th woman ever to Climb the Seven Summits

Be the 60 th woman ever to Climb the Seven Summits

I want to be one of only 60 women who has climbed the Seven Summits, the tallest mountain on each continent. Its my lifelong dream.

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I am just a very normal person, from a council estate in Luton, who has the biggest of dreams. I want to be the 60th woman EVER to climb the Seven Summits. (The tallest mountain on each continent)

I read a book about Everest when I was at school in Luton and was totally inspired by it. In the intervening years I got lost in a mountain of personal issues, loss and depression. But somehow twenty years later, the dream came and found me again. On May 21st 2007 I stood at the summit of Mount Everest. I was 'on top of the world' in every possible way.

It was an epic three month adventure, where I saw incredible pain, suffering and death. I even had a tooth extracted with a swiss army knife and a screw driver. (video footage available on youtube)

But now I want to finish the dream before my 45 year old body decides it doesn't want to carry 25kg backpacks up big mountains any more.  I have already climbed FOUR of the Seven, Everest, Aconcagua, Mt McKinley and Elbrus. That leaves just three to go.....

1 Vinson Massif, -

2 Carstesz Pyramid -

3 Kilimanjaro -

So I need help with my dream, to finish the final three mountains and complete the box set.  Just  the small matter of £60,931.00 and 3 big mountains! So any financial help you can give, no matter how small would be amazing.

Meantime, more information is available at my website at:

Please, help me if you can. 

What about you? What is your dream? Next