Climates, let's tackle climate change together

Help us create a vibrant social network for people who want to tackle climate change together

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On 24th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £5,313 with 41 supporters in 35 days

Project aim

Help us create a vibrant social network for people who want to tackle climate change together.

About the project

The debate is over: climate change is happening and human activity is largely responsible.

If we pull together, we really can make a difference. 

Climates aims to engage 1 million people in saving 1 million tonnes CO2.

People want to act

A recent worldwide survey showed almost 90% of people want action on climate and not just from governments. Half of us see it as our personal responsibility to act.

Climates is for this 50%.

‘Climates is a great initiative. For any person like myself, aware of the need to reduce our impact on the world we live in, it addresses not only the "how to do it" with a myriad of ideas for adapting our current lifestyles and life processes, but also it connects us with like-minded people through the creation of a community. Where I live there are not many people with environmental awareness and Climates helps me feel I am not on my own in this fight, and it inspires me to do more.’ Matias Linder, Portugal

People want to take practical action, but it’s not happening fast enough and time is running short to stop global warming reaching a critical tipping point. Climates is designed to make it easy, putting people with questions in touch with ‘mates’ with the answers. It’s a case of people who’ve been there and done that, helping out with anything from tips on growing tomatoes in a window box to installing solar power, from finding the right flood gate to comparing notes on drought resistant crop varieties.

There will be no strangers here, only ‘mates’ who haven’t met yet.

With our mates by our side, anything is possible, working together we can take on the world.

As a Climate you can find mates who share your interests and help each other cut your carbon or protect your community by swapping tips and stories, pictures and videos, to inspire, support and motivate each other. You can search for ideas and track your progress to see what a difference you are making.

Linking cause and effect, Climates shows us why preventative action is vital as we witness others dealing with life on the front line.

You can find out more about Climates on:, follow Climates on facebook: and on Twitter: @ClimatesNetwork.

What we are doing

We are raising money to build the sophisticated website to host Climates.   

We’ve spent a long time working on the specification with developers and have come up with a modular design which can be built in chunks: 

The first £20,000 will establish the network enabling people to link up, see the great things that your ‘mates’ are up to: cutting carbon and adapting to a changing world. You’ll be able to join in and ask questions, help out and share experiences, posting photos, comments and stories in a vibrant interactive environment.

The next £5,000 makes it easier to use and adds an extra layer of customer support.

Another £5,000 introduces a carbon calculator app so you can track your progress as you take simple actions to reduce your impact.

The next £5,000 chunk adds video and another tier of progress tracking along with a personalised news feed.

Beyond that it’s all about the user experience, adding state of the art features that make Climates increasingly fun, responsive and intuitive to use.


What others are saying about Climates


'We are going to hear a lot more about the C word, and Climates are fighting the big C with an armoury of C words: Community, connectivity, curiosity, collaboration, and co-creation. Fight fire with fire!’ Edward Kellow, Sustainability Learning Practitioner 


You will receive your rewards after the campaign is over, until then we will not have access to your details and won't be able to contact you directly.

Find out more about the rewards you could receive below:

The funders wall

Your name will be featured on our Funders wall where you will be recognised as having played a vital role in making Climates possible.  The Funders wall will appear on the current starter Climates website and also on the Climates network site once it is built. When making your donation please provide your name as you would like it to appear as we won't receive your full details until the campaign is over.

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The Climates lapel pin

You’ll receive a limited edition Climates lapel pin to wear only for those who were in at the start and made Climates a possibility.

B&B in London

You'll receive one or two nights’ B&B for two in London. You’ll stay in a sunny, double en-suite room in an Edwardian house close to the District Line, half an hour from central London and in easy access of the Natural History, Science and Victoria and Albert museums and the shopping in Knightsbridge and Kensington. Portobello Market is a quick bus ride away, with Kew Gardens just as close in the opposite direction. Not exactly Air B&B but part of the new climate friendly trend of sharing. (Reward subject to availability)

Where does Climates come from?

Climates is initiated by Biba Hartigan and Liz Sutton with the support of many others who see a need for a community where people can support each other to take practical action on climate change in their own lives.

Biba and Liz worked together for seven years at Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) and, having left and worked on other projects for a number of years, have come together to create Climates. Between them they bring decades of experience in the environmental field, directing projects and campaigns, initiating WEN’s climate change campaign in 2007, publishing reports including the Women’s Manifesto on Climate Change working in partnership with the Women’s Institute.

The organisation

Climates is currently run by volunteers. The initial build of the network depends on donations and grant funding but Climates is being set up as a not-for-profit social enterprise to become self-funding for the long term.

Have a question?

If you have any questions, please tweet us at @ClimatesNetwork or click on Send Message below and we'll respond as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your donation

If our target is not met Crowdfunder/PayPal will automatically refund your donation.

Thank you very much for taking the time to explore this page. We hope that you are excited by this opportunity to create a vibrant climate change community, supporting each other to achieve more together.

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