Climate Change 2017

To provide an objective and independent view of modern climate change. All analyses are based on official IPCC, NOAA, GISS and NASA data.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The study of Climate Change is important to all of us. We need an objective view (not coloured by bias of an intellectual or commercial nature) in order to decide on our priorities over the coming years. There is a limited budget available to help ameliorate the condition of hundreds of millions of people.

This project will produce a series of videos that is not biased in any way. It will always be based on well established data from climate scientists and well established bodies.

Some videos already exist, such as the Milankovitch Cycles, but to complete a thorough analysis a great deal of effort is required. We truly hope that the results will help us spend our government's money wisely in a way that helps the most people throughout the world - and not forgetting the people of our own country.

The next video we produce will compare modern trends of temperature rises to those that have occurred over the past two thousand years. The results of early analysis will surprise many.