Clifton Green House

by Lisa Green in York, North Yorkshire, England

Clifton Green House

Buy and staff a house next to our school where children learn life skills.

by Lisa Green in York, North Yorkshire, England

We did it
On 26th January 2018 we successfully raised £205 with 6 supporters in 56 days


Not all children learn  best in a traditional setting such as a classroom. Some children are very practical and make better progress when learning takes place outside the classroom. As a school we have noticed our pupils engage in deep and meaningful learning when given  a real job.  We already do Food Technology and Forest School at Clifton Green. We have observed children during Forest School sessions working well as a team, gathering fire wood, building a fire and preparing a meal. Naturally this is carried out with adult supervision. We have taught children to use tools to create beautiful pieces of woodwork, the need for maths skills is recognised  by the children when measuring is required. A link is created between the classroom learning and the practical task. Children understand why it is important to learn maths, be fluent and eloquent when describing their creations and have scientific knowledge when it comes to deciding what materials to use. It is as though learning is taking place without their knowledge. Our food technology classes allow children to engage in food preparation and we have noticed children using their classroom learning to benefit their cooking. Great enjoyment is had by learning practically and lasting experiences are made. We want to extend this learning in to a domestic setting to help improve outcomes for our young people in their local community and in their adult lives.

Clifton Green primary is situated in the heart of Kingsway North, Clifton in York. 

Our school motto is Better Never Stops.

Our Vision

We want to fund and buy a house in the heart of our community that belongs to the children of Clifton Green Primary school as a learning space. The house will be used to teach children basic life skills. Skills such as simple DIY tasks, cooking, budgeting and running a home will be taught on a daily basis in the school and in the house. Children will learn to paint it, decorate it, make it inviting to others and will be proud to show off their work and share the space with visitors.

The House

Having a family house next to the school would allow us to take groups of children to learn how to look after a home, grow plants, use the kitchen to cook meals, eat together and be social. Skills such as bed making, using a washing machine or washing up after food will teach children how to take care of the space and how to work together as a team. Sleepovers could be arranged for children to share their first experience away from home.The house could be used by other schools for residential visits. In turn the children at Clifton Green could use their maths skills to run a business, their english to promote and market the business whilst generating useful funds for the upkeep of the house and to help support the school budget.


All children at Clifton Green are encouraged to dream big and to have aspirations for great futures. We hope that by having a broad curriculum at Clifton Green, developing children's' practical skills and encouraging pride in their local area our children will grow in to good people with worthwhile contributions to society.

What will happen if we do not raise all the money?

The money donated will be used to support the existing skills sessions run in school. Wood work at Forest School would be a good example.

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