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To help young people succeed at school by providing engaging and high-quality revision videos for GCSE English Language and Literature

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On 23rd Nov 2017 we successfully raised £340 with 8 supporters in 28 days


Click Revision is an exciting, new education website aimed at GCSE English Language and Literature students.

The project is being developed by qualified English teacher, Jeff Eden, who was inspired by his GCSE students when they asked him if there were any online videos to help them revise for their exams.

Upon investigation, Jeff noticed that although there were hundreds of websites offering support for GCSE English, the vast majority were superficial, unengaging or too text-heavy. Indeed, there were very few that offered video resources at all.

So, there is a gap for a website that does English revision properly - in detail, usefully and in a way that grabs and holds the attention of young people. That website is called Click Revision.


Recent government announcements and policy changes have increased the need and demand for online revision and learning resources. As well as the general rhetoric around tougher routes through GCSE, the abolition of traditional coursework in English (and other subjects) has made the exam itself all-important.

Students need to be extremely well-prepared and confident in order to succeed.

Teenagers of the digital generation will therefore be turning to the internet for online content to help them study and revise for exams. Click Revision will provide everything they need to help them get ready for English Language and Literature by securing their learning in a relevant and interesting way.



All Click Revision videos are scripted, designed and narrated by qualified English teachers. You can watch an example video about the play 'An Inspector Calls' on this project page or visit the Click Revision YouTube channel to see the complete season of videos on J. B. Priestley's play, a very popular choice for study in UK secondary schools.

An early prototype of the Click Revision website is also available where you can see some of the many topics the project will cover for GCSE English students, including:

- Romeo & Juliet
-  A Christmas Carol
-  Macbeth
-  Frankenstein
-  Lord of the Flies
-  Animal Farm
-  Pride and Prejudice
-  Poetry clusters
-  Reading skills
-  Figurative language
-  Punctuation and grammar
-  Exam technique

Content will be available on desktop, tablet and mobile and will consist of high-quality, syllabus-focused videos, each no more than 15 minutes in length.

When will the site launch?

The Click Revision website will launch by September 2018 in time for the 2018/19 academic year. 

How will your funding be used?

Although the project is already up and running and has proved its potential by receiving some outstanding feedback, particularly from students (see below), your kind donations will be used to fund the next level:

-  Launch site development and administration
-  Further content creation
-  Pre-launch marketing campaigns

The more funding we receive, the more of a range of topics can be covered by the launch date.

In return for donations, supporters will be able to nominate students or even a whole school to receive a subscription on launch. Supporters will also receive an acknowledgement on the website if they wish.


The Click Revision team loves feedback because it helps improve the quality of content. If you have any comments, the team would very much like to hear what you think.

Here are some comments received from YouTube members who have watched the videos on 'An Inspector Calls' during the summer 2017 exams:

From students...

"This is a FANTASTIC series!"
"Super helpful"
"Helped me a lot"
"Well recommended by other viewers"
"Absolutely brilliant!"
"Absolute godsend for tomorrow's exam!"
"Very useful and informative"
"This video has really helped"
"Perfect for revision"
"Thank you so much"
"I love this"

From parents...

“I think the videos are fantastic and provide some of the best character summaries I have seen.  The way in which the information is presented is also very engaging and the videos are the perfect length.”

“I wish we had these when I was doing my exams.”

From teachers...

“I’ve been using your an Inspector Calls videos with my top set year ten class – they are amazing! It’s very rare them to all agree completely on something; but they really benefited from watching your videos. I was then devastated to find that you haven’t got any more! You cannot under estimate how useful they have been and what an impact they have made.”

“A colleague made me aware of your revision videos on 'An Inspector Calls' which are excellent.”

“I really enjoyed your ‘An Inspector Calls’ revision videos on YouTube and wondered if you could let me know when the rest of your planned resources will be available.”

Thank you in advance for your support!

Jeff & the Click Revision team

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