Clearing a debt to better myself

by Red2019 in Chertsey, England, United Kingdom

Clearing a debt to better myself


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I need to clear 1 credit card off to help me with my new job.

by Red2019 in Chertsey, England, United Kingdom


I've been in my current role for a long, long time and wanted a changed. I applied for a new job and was success in getting offered the new role. It's more money to help me and my family,  and will get me out and about more. I suffer from depression and anxiety,  and stress a lot. I'm not perfect and have had a tough few years or so in the past. The new role I need to travel a lot and even though,  I get my expenses eventually paid back, I can't afford to pay for any of these up front on my current credit card. I need to pay the card off and then it'll be fine. My work will then pay for my spends and this in time my credit score will improve. 

My debt isnt the greatest bit I have a bad credit score and don't have anybody to ask to pay this off for me. I rent and just want to help get myself and family onto the property ladder, but as I'm 40 time is running out to get a 25 year mortgage!

I know that there is many worse cases than me going in right now, but this is my last place to seek help.

Thank you

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