Clear Jay-L Market Key Automated Trading Software

by Isaac Mufumbira in London, England, United Kingdom


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The aim of my project is to create a automated financial markets trading software for retail and professional traders.

by Isaac Mufumbira in London, England, United Kingdom

I am a entrepreneur and financial trader since 2014 in stocks, indices, commodities and currencies. I am looking to work with financial markets trading software developers who have extensive knowledge and experience developing automated trading software to develop this automated trading software for stocks, indices, commodities and currencies for retail and professional traders called the Clear Jay-L Market Key.

It has been back tested for 100 years and shows great results and similar strategies were used by a great trader called Jesse Livermore who made $100M in 1929 stock market crash and it has been back tested to 1987 market crash 2008 market crash and from 2014 to present showing money making opportunities. I have edited it and made it more effective and easier to understand by others.

It is based on a numerical format and helps traders identify potential big movement upward or downward trend trades that last from a few weeks to months and use continuation and reversal pivotal points which help identify continuation of trends and reversal of trends and lets the trader know when to buy or short sell or compound on onto a existing trade. It helps traders know entry and exit points and also were a stop loss order goes to limit potential losses. It will be integrated with live market data and end of data close data


Traders will also have the option to add on monthly charts over years which can be set e.g over past 10 years etc. show of assets with 21/37 simple moving average and 200/400 simple moving average tool. It will also include 52 week new highs and 52 week new lows tool and volume which can be activated and used in combination with the charts pivotal points.

There is nothing like this in the market currently as the current products use graphs instead of numerical charts to identify pivotal points which can be very difficult for traders to read and act on and by having it automated it helps remove the human emotion element out of trading.

I plan to sell it at £99.99 to retail and professional traders at a subscription monthly fee or an annual fee and once it is developed i will set up a limited company to sell it under.

I will use the money i have raised to get the trading software developed, set up a private limited company, get office space, buy relevant business equipment, set up website, market the product to retail and professional traders.


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