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The goal is to change the cleaning industry by making it much more simple, affordable and fair for customers and cleaners.

by Vladimir Scutelnic in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

After working in the cleaning industry since I was 14 and ended up running a cleaning company for the last 2 years I came up with the idea of creating a platform where people and cleaners can connect in the best and fair posible way.

Most common ways for people of getting a cleaner are

1. Search engines where people end up calling 2 or 3 companies wasting about 30 minutes on average explaining their cleaning requirements (in some cases 1 hour)

2. Word of mouth, people ask someone if they know a reliable cleaner and block themselves to 1 option out of hundreds.

3. Use online platforms that connect people to cleaners but they don't do it in the same way Cleanifiq does. 

Online platforms available out there are asking the customer their cleaning needs and then sell the contact details of the customer to maximum 5 cleaning companies who will end up with customers phone number and address. The platforms I used to get customers for the cleaning company I run, didn't even asked me for a copy of my id, not to say things like insurances and run a proper vetting process.

How cleaners get customers? 

1. Spending a lot of money on advertising, Facebook ads, by getting a website and then paying SEO, but is that really what a cleaner should do? It's a hard job without all this.

2. Use the type of above mentioned platforms, where they get notified someone is looking for a cleaner and they have to pay from £5 to £40 to get the contact details of that customer without the guarantee the customer will chose them as the same contact details was sold to 4 other companies.

All options cleaners have at the moment involves them paying first and then waiting for the customer to come.

Cleanifiq will change the game as it has the solution to both customers and cleaners problems.

Anyone looking for a cleaner can use Cleanifiq.com and submit  quote request with information, description and pictures of the areas they want cleaned. It takes less than 2 minutes.

Insured and vetted cleaners who are registered with the platform and match the criteria gets notifies about this and can quote for the job, remotely.

Customer gets multiple offers and chooses the one they like, pay for it and get the cleaner booked. We retain the payment and pass it to the cleaner once the job is done and customer happy and retain a commission.

Results in, customer getting the best offer from tens/hundreds of cleaners. Cleaners gets a job without having to deal with administrative tasks and can focus on cleaning. 

Invoicing and receipts done automatically by Cleanifiq.

The vision is to create the 1 service people will think and need when it comes to cleaning

Money will be used to improve and develope further the website, create an app,advertising and hiring multilingual staff members.

Let's make 'Cleanifiq' happen

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