Clean Energy Park - Bifacial Tandem Solar Module

by Krisztina Kincses in London, England, United Kingdom


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World's energy needs will continue to grow in the next two decades.Therefore we have set up a complete Clean Energy Park as a sample project

by Krisztina Kincses in London, England, United Kingdom

If you are interested in the future of our World, please donate to an enthusiastic company who is the dominant player of creating a new production culture which should contribute to the radical change of the global industry.

Please donate to the global energy sector in order to make the modern technologies available as earliest possible which can reduce the energy production cost and last but not least can moderate the global warming.

Please donate in order to set up the culture of the alternative energy generation and utilization.

Please donate in order to involve the scientific world into the research and development via applying Wikinomia as a new stream.

Please donate in order to apply the artificial intelligence as a device serving the extension of our capability as soon as possible. 

Please donate in order to create new workplaces and professions which can be the key factor of solving the employment problems.

The Background

Thank you for your interest in Conscious Technology Transfer Ltd.’s business plan, which set the goal of installing the technology of the future. The construction period is expected to start in 2019 and end in 2020.

Designing, constructing and customizing of the industrial park is based on Industry 4.0 standard M2M Technology. It works with integrated green energy solutions based on artificial photosynthesis principle and automated high-tech facilities.

The project gives you answers for a number of serious challenges with green energy modernization - to meet growing energy needs, reduce global warming, stimulate new market growth, create jobs, stop migration, reduce production costs, and increase market competitiveness.

What we want:

We are working on this project because our goal is to accelerate the propagation of the recent technologies due to the problem of the global warming.

The world's energy needs will continue to grow in the next two decades. Therefore, we have set up a complete Clean Energy Park as a sample project. We will be there able with the Industry 4.0 design principle to introduce intelligent manufacturing equipment. Products of these manufactures with complemented our services together will give us possibility to sell and to install  a new, more efficient, renewable energy production system in the world.

We want to implement four strategies:

1. Production of high-tech power generation systems (Clean Energy Park). 

2. With redundant energy generation (solar, wind and other power plants). 

3. By installing energy storage devices (Super capacitors). 

4. With controlled current distribution (Smart grid). 

The project includes the creation of six Smart Factory facilities for the production of renewable energy on the base of the Industry 4.0 principle and plus building a Logistics Center:

▪ Solar module assembly line       ▪ Bifacial Solar Modul line         

▪ Water Purification                      ▪ Solar Charging production

▪ Heat Pump Production              ▪ PVT Solar modul Production     

▪ Logistics Center

Company experience:

The company representatives like researchers and developers have 25 years professional experience in the Clean Energy area. The Company is indirectly linked to several Universities.

Own development : Bifacial Tandem Solar Modul (4. Generation Solar Modul - integrated green energy solutions based on artificial photosynthesis principle.)

Investment information:

The financiers are Multinational Enterprises in the  total investment. In order to establish a vantage point , we need pre-financing, what we will spend for patent registration and execution of acquisitions.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£250 or more

£250 Development Program and Results

We continuously inform you about the development program and results of the Clean Energy Park.

£500 or more

£500 Access to the Knowledge Center

You can visit the Knowledge Center of the Clean Energy Park for free where you can see the robotic plants and the related production lines.

£1,000 or more

£1000 Free Entry to Conferences

You can join conferences and make proposals for research directions.

£2,500 or more

£2500 Virtual Reality Glass as a Gift

VR- virtual reality glass in which you can monitor the developments due to robotisation and which also makes better understanding of Industry 5.0

Let's make 'Clean Energy Park - Bifacial Tandem Solar Module' happen