Clean - Short Film

by Mirror Films in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom


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We’re a student production aiming to raise a budget for our next project. With its ambitious scope, we need your help to make it happen!

by Mirror Films in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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Clean is a romantic drama spanning three timelines depicting the beginning, breakdown and tragic end of a young couple’s relationship: exploring mental health & miscommunication. 

The story is told through flashbacks as Scarlett, a young woman in her 20's, remembers her relationship with Sebastian. 

What she believes in the beginning to be a fairytale romance, quickly grows strained as Scarlett's mental struggles and Sebastian's inability to connect with her on a deeper emotional level culminate in a tragic ending. 



The film is a depiction of young love and the idea that nothing is ever as perfect as it seems. 



The film takes inspiration from Blue Valentine, La La Land, Marriage Story & Malcom & Marie. Our aim is to take ideas explored in these films and recontextualize them for a younger audience. 



Cross cutting between various timelines in five different locations: a laundrette, where the bulk of the story takes place, a restaurant, a house, an interrogation room and a forest. 



Kelsey Jane Adams as "Scarlett"

1633712279_actors_polaroid.jpgKelsey Jane Adams as “Scarlett”: Kelsey is a Manchester based actress, singer, and model. Since a young girl, she has starred in school theatre productions but took a keen interest in the film industry later. With a degree from the University of Salford in Media & Production, Kelsey has a strong skill set and awareness for both on and off the camera.

John Bristow as "Sebastian"

1633712371_actors_polaroid3.jpgJohn Bristow as "Sebastian": From Hertfordshire, John moved to London at 18 and spent a year training to act for the stage & screen at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. With experience studying a variety of acting practitioners over the years, from Mamet to Artaud, as well as improvisation, psychical theatre, script and ensemble work, John is excited to to be bringing his skills to the film industry.



Ethan Cartwright - Producer & Writer 

Ethan 1633711299_img_5583.jpgCartwright: is a filmmaking student who has worked as an Assistant Director on music videos and shorts and is continuing to expand his filmmaking portfolio. He’s eager to make films with a powerful message at the centre, exploring relationships between characters and interweaving a number of timelines.

Ben Hands - Co-Director & Writer 

1633711422_img_5582.jpgBen Hands: is a filmmaking student who has worked on short films and features as well as writing & directing his own shorts. As a writer, Ben emphasises story and character over plots, driven by emotion with an ear for dialogue. 

Sador Zerie - Co-Director & Writer

1633711465_img_5581.jpgSador Zerie: is a filmmaker and photographer from Birmingham. He has worked on music videos, short films, features and documentaries as well as writing & directing his own shorts. Originally born in Eritrea, a small country in east Africa, Sador likes to explore race, identity and class through the medium of film with a strong emphasis on building complex characters.  

Betsy-Jo Warren - First Assistant Director

1633711510_img_5578.jpgBetsy-Jo Warren: is an accomplished young filmmaker from Nottingham who has worked on a number of short and feature length films at a professional level. Betsy-Jo's focus and efficiency on set is unparalleled, bringing a high standard to any project she's involved with. 

Nuno Magalhães - Director of Photography

1633711565_img_5580.jpgNuno Magalhaes: is a Portuguese cinematographer and photographer with a solid four years of experience making a variety of films for many companies. He has a strong passion for creating independent films, commercials, documentaries and short-films. 

Jordan Poon - First Assistant Camera

1633711624_img_5575.jpgJordan Poon: is a filmmaker and camera operator from Milton Keynes. Originally from Hong Kong, Jordan has always been a fan of cinema with dreams to work in the film and TV industry full time.

Daniel Evans - Gaffer

1633711690_img_5577.jpgDaniel Evens: is a filmmaker and photographer from Oxford. His main focus over the last couple of years have been primarily music videos productions and street photography but has recently found a new passion for lighting. 

Jack Onslow - Sound 

1633711720_img_5579.jpgJack Onslow: is a filmmaker from Shrewsbury with a history of making music and working with sound. He has worked on some short films as a sound recordist with a passion for delivering high quality audio. 

Bradfield Thomas - Editor 

1633711756_img_5576.jpgBradfield Thomas: an established South African filmmaker in his own right. He has worked on numerous short and feature films which have seen success at festivals. Bradfield's experience and background brings a fresh perspective that will do justice to the story being told, making him the best choice.


A snippet from our previous project, entirely self funded. 

Blue Skies - Short Film Trailer

Our aim now is demonstrate a different side of our filmmaking palette. But to help this project reach its maximum potential we need your help!


 Thank you for your continued support! - The Clean Crew !!!

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