Classic Shares - Morgan 4/4 Sport

Classic Shares - Morgan 4/4 Sport - help kick start our classic car investment business and get rewarded with usage of the car!

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Classic Shares - Morgan 4/4 Sport

Classic Shares is a business that allows people to buy into classic and modern classic vehicles that they may not normally afford to own. These shares also include a right to use based on number of shares purchased.

We have secured £20,000 in Funding and are looking to crowd fund match this amount to purchase our first vehicle, a Morgan 4/4 Sport. 

Additionally we have already acquired a fully functioning and secure commercial garage in North Devon 100 yards from a railway station, allowing people to travel from all locations to easily pick up the classic and explore the beautiful roads of the South West.

Top Gear said of the 4/4 Sport- "A Morgan’s utter timelessness means they hold their value extremely well, and the modern engines are reliable and frugal. If you can afford it in the first place you’ve nothing to lose from there".

The classic car market has been on the rise for a long period, and out performed pretty much all other investments over the recession. In fact in reality, when viewed over a 15-20 year time horizon, there is only one asset class that has outperformed classic cars and that's gold!

But it is this performance that has pushed the price of classic well out of the reach of the everyday person, that recognises the opportunity but cannot fund the outright purchase of a vehicle.

We will constantly monitor the vehicles current value on the market meaning the pricing of shares in vehicles could potentially increase. This allows share owners to sell on ownership to new or other existing members.

Classic Share members will not need to concern themselves with the everyday running costs of owning a classic as we will insure, service the vehicle, and even fuel it! With our fully qualified mechanic onsite vehicles will be maintained to the highest standards at all time, ensuring reliability and value is retained.

Our new premises will also allow us to expand Classic Share opportunities to existing and new members going forward on a number of vehicles.


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