Classic Porsche Investment Opportunity

by Pelle Thomsen in Kings Langley, England, United Kingdom

Classic Porsche Investment Opportunity
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim is to own the next Porsche Classic car whilst also benefitting from its use.

by Pelle Thomsen in Kings Langley, England, United Kingdom

This is an initial taster project funded and guaranteed by me.  If this initial project is a success, the plan is to set up as a business charity.  The beneficiaries will be multiple cancer charities.   For this first project, on any profit that I make, 15% will be donated to Hospice of St Francis. 

Here are the project particulars:

  • Guaranteed 100% investment capital return upon sale
  • Share of capital appreciation = 90% of investment % of car purchase value.
    • E.g. if car costs 30,000, you invest 15,000 and car sells for 60,000, you will receive 15,000+(15,000*0.90) = 28,500
  • Maximum 3,000 miles added per annum to the car by owner + miles added by investor(s).
  • Access to use car 1 day per annum, per £1,000 invested, subject to availability.  You will need to pick up and deliver back at location.  Insurance born by project/owner.
  • Car target market:  Porsche 911 996 Turbo < £40,000 and less than 70,000 miles at time of purchase.
  • Car repair, maintenance cost & depreciation risk is all born by project/owner.
  • Project progress will be posted for easy access to investors.  
  • Decision to sell will be solely done by project/owner.
  • Minimum term before Investor can demand sale of car:  10 Years
  • Project/owner can elect to sell at any time and return capital and profits to investor
  • Maximum investor investment: 75%, rest is funded by Project/Owner

Let's make 'Classic Porsche Investment Opportunity' happen