C.L.A.P Badges To Support Our NHS And Key Workers

by Pause for Applause in Stourbridge, England, United Kingdom


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I would like you to support my cause by buying a badge that I have designed and wearing it proudly. I would like to raise £200 for charity.

by Pause for Applause in Stourbridge, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

I will be able to help even more people.xx

I really enjoy doing the Thursday night clap to show the NHS and Keyworkers that I am proud of everything they are doing.

When my mum went to the shop she said she wished the shop assistants knew that she REALLY was thankful that they were still working on the frontline and risking their health to be able to provide a valuable service.

We had an idea to design a badge that shows people we are clapping for them every Thursday and that we support and are proud of everything they are doing.

We thought that when people see us wearing a badge in support of them it would make them smile and they would feel valued.

My sister Vontesse helped me to design the badge, it was a lot of fun.

My mum helped to set up a Facebook Page


(FB = CLAP badges for NHS and Key Workers) - if link doesn't work

so people can upload a picture of themselves wearing the badge ………………. I would really like some famous people to wear my badge too.

Thank you so much for supporting my cause.


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