Clair's Doggy Day Care Heaven

by Clair Stanway in London, England, United Kingdom


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I want to create a fun, enriching, safe outdoor doggy daycare in the countryside (with indoor shelter) with the London city pooches in mind

by Clair Stanway in London, England, United Kingdom

I created this fundraiser to help make my dream of opening a fun, stimulating outdoor doggy daycare come true. It will be set in the countryside of Hertfordshire, with the pooches of London at the heart of the idea, offering collection and drop off up to 6 days a week. 


Who am I and why I am crowdfunding?

For the last four years I have dedicated almost every day to animal care, from dog walking to cat sitting and everything in between. I have had the idea of opening a doggy day-care for a while, with it just being another "dream" alongside wanting to open an animal sanctuary rescue, until now. I have finally decided to go for it and thought my best chance at starting a doggy day-care for my existing clients and their pooches, as well future doggos, would be to set up a fundraiser. 


What's the plan?

My aim is to have three green paddock areas, with a surrounding 6 ft fence, each with a spacious indoor heated area, as well as outdoor shaded areas. Sandpits, ball pits, ramps, tires, toys and basic agility equipment for the dogs to enjoy and play with. (Imagine a playground specifically for dogs) This will allow the dogs to not only have freedom and space to run or pitter patter around an outdoor green space, full of mental enrichment and stimulation but also the opportunity to go indoors to relax or have a nap in a cozy dog bed and gives them the choice to opt out of play and take themselves somewhere quiet and dry.

The dogs will be grouped on compatibility, as they are on my London Park Walks, factoring into this will be the dogs age, energy level, size and overall temperament/behaviour. It's important that all of the dogs are comfortable and happy in this kind of environment, as they will be spending the day together which is far longer than they do on our current park walks.


Designed for dogs in the Big City

This particular idea has the London pooches in mind, despite many dog parents being home at the moment, it has still been beneficial for the dogs to get out on walks with their friends and spend time with their favourite dog walkers.

This will be a place that they can experience "country type" days out, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, whether it be once or five times a week, with their canine friends under the supervision of trusted animal lovers. 


Reasons you may consider sending your dog to day care

You work full time, have a busy home life, your dog has separation anxiety and doesn't cope well being left alone, you may work from home and have a busy schedule or simply want your dog to have the best time, playing out doors with other dogs, whilst receiving plenty of human attention and interaction. The day-care will be open from Monday to Friday and two Saturday's of the month. All of the dogs will be picked up and dropped home.

Whether you have a high energy dog, a young puppy or a senior dog that likes to potter around and take their time sniffing, we will have a suitable areas in each paddock for all of the above.


What will the money be spent on?

The fundraiser Total is set at £8000, this is to cover the basics that will need to be be put into place, in order to comply with the doggy day-care license and open the doors.

Below is a breakdown of costs:


  • Fencing, for first paddock - £1,500 + VAT x3 for all three paddocks = £4,500
  • Indoor areas for each paddock - £1,000 x3 = £3,000
  • Cost of van, second hand, with Cages fitted £3,500 x2 vans = £7,000
  • Fire regulations - £350 +VAT
  • Electrical costs £1,000 +VAT
  • Storage shed - £400

This total adds up to £15,250, which doesn't include equipment for the dogs. This will be an additional £750, which adds up to £16,000. 

A Big Thank you! And please check out the rewards!

Thank you in advance to everyone who has taken the time to read this far and a huge thank you to everyone of my amazing clients, that have used my services over the years. I would not have made it this far without your trust and support. 

I will be looking into sourcing as much of what is needed sustainably and as eco friendly as possible, aiming to reduce, reuse and recycle where possible. Feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any suggestions.

Lots of love, Clair :) 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£150 or more

10% off day care for first 2 months

Receive 10% discount for day care for three months

£50 or more

Saturday daycare slot

Priority on Saturday Day care places, which will have limited availability

£90 or more

A fun day at daycare for you :)

A fun day at doggy day care for you, whether or not you have a dog yourself. You will get to join the team in helping look after the dogs for a full day.Subject to terms and conditions.

£100 or more

Two free days of day care

This reward enables you to have two free full days of doggy day care

£250 or more

Free daycare slots including saturdays

This will enable you to have three free full days doggy day care days, including priority spots on Saturdays, which will have limited availability

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