Claire Tagg Fashion Brand

Claire Tagg Fashion Brand

I have been selected to showcase my A/W collection at London Fashion Week and I need funding to help launch my brand

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On 26th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £41 with 4 supporters in 42 days

I am a recent graduate from the University of the Creative arts however I am born and bred in Stoke-On-Trent. Ever since I graduated in June my brand has gone from strength to strength.

My brand combines both destruction with glamour, primarily print based with rich textures and elaborate embellishment.dcf34c9488a959078eae2d922d3ac6ded861bc55

 My graduate collection was based on the concept of my journey as an air hostess. I created a series of illustrations to show how I once perceived myself as an air stewardess, looking elegant whilst wearing my airline uniform with pride. The illustrations are combined with destructive textures to represent how my dream got torn apart when I experienced the harsh reality of this difficult job. Working from a concept which is personal fascinates me, to see how an idea can develop through sampling and draping is amazing.


The cut of my collection explores the airline uniform, inspired by structured airline jackets which are combined with softer fabrics. The garments are heavily embellished to show elements of glamour contrasted against ripped/worn textures. I work with both structured materials to produce tailored garments alongside silk fabrics for flowing dresses. My style of designing shows a preference to craft, all my prints are hand dawn/painted and are hand stitched with ornate decoration.


My collection was showcased at Graduate Fashion Week where it was selected for the Gala show and rewarded the top 25 collections out of over 1000 other graduates that showcased there. I came runner up in the womenswear award just missing out on the £10000 prize however this only made me more determined to make my next collection happen. 

At gradaute fashion week I won a placement with Marks and Spencer where I got to design my own collection for them which launched in November and sold out within days. This placement allowed me to gain experience of the industry and I managed to save some money which is funding the collection that I am now creating. 

My graduate collection attracts a lot of attention for its unusual elements such as my creative use of airline seat belts however I am aware that my designs need to become more wearable. Moving forward I will continue to create beautiful one off pieces which look like works of art rather than wearable garments and combine them with designs which are wearable but just as glamorous. My customer is any woman of any age who loves glamour and feeling beautiful! 

My collection was selected to be shown at London Fashion Week which would be an amazing opportunity to launch my brand and make myself a respected designer in the industry. It is a lot of money to have your own show at London Fashion Week and I have managed to raise some funds however I need much more to make this happen. 

I am so hardworking and I will make this brand happen however this is a tough industry to crack and I need all of the support I can get. I have created a series of belts with my printed fabric which are customised to your waist measurements and can be customised to your colour preferences. They will be an investment into my brand and will be limited edition. 


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