Claire Lee (Gaston-Parry) Scholarship

Claire Lee (Gaston-Parry) Scholarship

Claire was generous soul who loved to travel, had a commitment to education & to helping others. Help us award a scholarship in her honour.

We did it!

On 18th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £3,150 with 15 supporters in 49 days

Claire* was generous soul who loved to travel, was vivacious and kind to strangers, and had a long-standing committment to teaching and education. She loved children and was compassionate about helping people less fortunate that herself.

In Claire's memory, you could support a new scholarship program to give young people in developing countries the opportunity to study and realise their desires to give back to their communities. Watipa Community Interest Company, set up by a school friend of Claire's, will award 10 scholarships by December 2016 to students in  countries such as Malawi, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. 

We would love to name one (or more!) of those scholarships after Claire. 111964-c40b2bd5d22cd833433b8d79ebbbe9e2.

Why scholarships? The most effective ideas for community development come from within those communities. With scholarship funds to enable young leaders to study community development within their own context, Watipa will be giving them a helping hand to develop their own ideas and solutions, and have the confidence to lead the change they want to see. 

100% of the funds that Watipa receives will be spent directly on the scholarships. 

Your money will pay for:

  • £20 = living expenses (food, transport, rent) for one student for one month.
  • £50 = books and materials for one student for one semester.
  • £100 = stipend for living expesnes for one student for one semester.
  • £500 = total scholarship (tuition fees + living expenses) for one student for one semester.
  • £1,000 = total scholarship (tuition fees + living expenses) for one student to finish secondary school. 
  • £3,000 = total scholarship (tuition fees + living expenses) for one student for one higher education course. 

About Watipa

Registered in June 2016, Watipa Community Interest Company (CIC) is a social enterprise working to enable equal societies, just development, and equal health for all. Drawing on decades of experience in national and international development, we aim to creatively and collaboratively work to catalyse change and advocate to maintain what works responding to the dynamics and current realities of different contexts around the world. Watipa is named after a 7 year old girl in Malawi who embodies courage, determination and hope for a better, just and more equal future. We named our social enterprise after her. In Tumbuka, her local language, Watipa literally means ‘has been provided for.’ To us it also means hope. 

Lucy Stackpool-Moore* founded Watipa Community Interest Company in 2016 in an attempt to create an organisation that models the kind of change she wants to see in the world. Building on 15 years working in community development internationally as well as in Australia, she has started the social enterprise that dares to be different in its approach. Watipa Community Interest Company is registered in the UK, number 10226833.

Find out more about Watipa: | Twitter @watipacic | Facebook WatipaCIC 



* Claire is second from the left in the photo at the top, Lucy is the far right. The photo is from New Year's Eve 2002, with a group of school friends - some studying and some recently finished university - having fun together and celebrating life. In the photo below, Claire is back far right next to Lucy, with a very happy group of high school leavers in 1997. Both photos are in Sydney, Australia. 

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