Circus on Moon Street

A visually exciting and entertaining story about a young girl running away to the magical world of a Circus.

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On 15th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £2,460 with 53 supporters in 28 days


... social and self acceptance. We follow a twelve-year-old girl escaping from a Catholic Boarding School. She finds herself at a Circus filled with unique and eccentric characters who had been pushed out by the society because of their differences. We want to emphasise that if you are lucky enough to be different, don't ever change.



The advantage of using a short film to tell this story is that it allows the film to be incredibly accessible, giving us the exciting opportunity to reach a much wider audience. Our hope is that we can use this film to spread the campaign against bulllying,  initiate conversations and promote the importance of examining life from a different perspective than our own and therefore decrease bullying and social unacceptance.  


Bullying is a serious issue nowadays. People tend to forget how important it is, how much it can affect our views and thoughts. Bullying makes the person insecure about their personality and body image, it can make everyone think that they are not good enough the way they are. This issue matters most importantly with children because that's where identity really evolves. With this film we want to say that everyone should  accept themselves and be happy with who they are.


After delicately constructing a budget and coming up with more than half through personal and private investors,  we still need  your help to make the best film possible.

The funds will go toward expenses incurred in Production: Professional Equipment Rentals, Makeup, Production Design, Visual and Special Effects, Transport, Costumes, getting into festivals but most importantly paying a fair wage to our gifted cast. Not to mention all the food, drinks and coffee to keep everyone working their best!

Your contribution will help us assemble the cast, secure beautiful locations, build our magical exterior set and gather the necessary equipment we need in order to create a film that is as visually stunning and as impactful as the story we want to tell.


ESZTER TOTH 2d9ba8aa9a4a1c30c239ba6bd6ea6a75e33dcc29

(Producer) always had a passion for organising and leading teams. Since she found organising and filming her two favourite things, it led to producing at Arts University Bournemouth,  she is working unstoppably and constantly. In the past two years she produced more than 30 student films, commercials and short films, which few of them won awards and even went to Cannes Short Film Corner.  She is bringing her strong skills in order to make the best film possible and to manage this amazing team.

1084f61e74c46e982238330855d77ae2b91fdd12DANNY JEFFS 

(Director) has been fascinated by the art of storytelling from the moment he was able to speak and as he grew older he began to explore new ways of expressing himself until finally he found filmmaking. Danny has always been interested in the fantastical and the surreal taking strong influence from cinemas greatest filmmakers with close attention to audience response and creating film as a conversation with an audience. With a passion for acting and years of training Danny has experienced life both in front and behind the camera, who better to work closely with the actors to achieve the highest quality performance that best communicates our films narrative.

JAY JONES db51b438302ed8fd31f0fee6a233501047d327a6

(1st Assistant Director) An obsession with time has long simmered within Jay, attempting to bend it, stretch it and yield it to his will. This endeavour led him to originally start a Physics degree at Edinburgh University before jumping ships to study Film at Arts University Bournemouth. Whilst intertwined with Physics he cultivated a deep pervasive understanding for the nature of the temporal dimension.This harmony he has formed with the tick of the clock means his ability to schedule is mythical and having trained in theatre in his earlier years has developed the capacity to project his sweet, tender, northern voice that would give Pavarotti a run for his money. Finally, his ritual of playing appropriate tasty beats to wake up in a morning and sooth the soul on an evening proves him as a firm favourite with cast and crew alike. All this is to say, when one is in need of a 1st Assistant Director, there is no one better suited than 1st AD-Jay.


(Director of Photography) Admiration for visual arts led her to study Directing in Warsaw Film School, Photography at University of Warsaw and Film&TV Production at Warsaw School of Advertising. She still felt like something was missing from her life. Realising her true love is Cinematography, she abandoned her previous life and moved to the UK. She is currently feeding her obsession by studying Cinematography at Bournemouth Film School and gaining experience in the Lighting Departament on short and feature films.



(Production Sound Mixer) has always had a passion for the recording and manipulation of sound with a particular interest in fantastical sound effects and design. With a lot of hours dedicated to the practice of sound recording and editing, Sam brings his knowledge of recording quality sound to the table for this project, and is always up for trying different, effective methods of getting the best possible results in production sound and post sound design!

eabf2ddfd7b91d8787b68f2a504395d393864580CHRISTINA TRING 

(Production Designer) is bringing her love of fantasy and magical environments to the design of The Circus on Moon Street and cannot wait to delve deeply into the world being created. Over the years she has been working hard to hone her craft and build the skills to take on this project and has developed a specific interest in concept design that she will use to further the development of this production. She is determined to use her passion for design to build a physical world that can truly be bought to life, in the most magical way possible.

GRACE JAMES, SARAH WINDEATT ec823799e87eca71e46b7626a28af65aeb271ea9b9ae553127b5f86e4c9045d11fa6dbcda60578ae

(Costume Designers) The circus theme drew the girls immediately because of the creative freedom it gives them within the costumes. The non-specific era and fantasy feel allows them to branch in any direction to really produce something very visually grasping and the dramatic element gives them the perfect opportunity to draw on their skills as costume designers. They felt the message the film carries is important and alongside the visual elements will shape the film as a very expressive piece. They have a lot of confidence in the film and the teams vision to produce an incredibly striking and memorable end product.

MEHMET ALİ BALİOĞLU e8efdb763d6d78126975d0909a51b7e394947c09

(Editor) has an interest in arts since childhood, that interest lead him to study History of Art in the first place and then into filmmaking. Mehmet realised that one of the key elements in storytelling is to edit ideas whether in pre-production or post-production and that is why he specialised in editing and for this project, his aim is to combine conventional and European film editing where the story needs most.

949864416e26d6aba8d9409711ec1dd6eae96d5eOLIVIA RUSSELL 

(Make-up Artist) has had a burning passion for make-up and FX since the age of 13. Since commencing study at AUB in 2014, she has worked on multiple short films and projects with other creatives, bringing life to all kinds of characters with her special effects and make-up expertise. With an excellent eye for all things weird and wonderful, Olivia will be bringing this film and it’s characters to life with her specialist skills, leading her small, elite team of professional make-up artists to bring you beautiful wonders from script to screen.



(Illustrator) Working across Adobe and a variety of digital platforms, Jacob provides a visual touchstone for the project. Through digital painting he helps to capture the aesthetic of the film providing pre-production and promotional artwork. Playing a supportive role Jacob is happy to help.


The pre- production involved a lot of dedication, hard work and talent from the crew, but we're only halfway there to finishing it. With your contributions you are helping us to deliver the best possible version of the film and get it seen on festivals around the world. 

In addition to asking you to take part in helping us achieve our goal and see our dream through, we encourage you to explore the benefits of crowdfunding yourself. With the ability to reach out to the larger community and be a part of a community actively contributing to making dreams a reality, we repeatedly push ourselves up time and time again until we all reach our maximum potential.

We've got a stack of exciting rewards, ranging from the bespoke to the bizarre for our kind supporters:



*The pictures are not an accurate representations of what the designs in the film will look like."

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