Chuckles Circus
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Bringing the frills and spills of the Circus to the young and old to able bodied & disabled to the disadvantaged alike all under the bigtop.

by Chuckles Circus in Mellor, England, United Kingdom

Third Generation Circus Family, our family first steps into Circus life started back 1930’s and ever since it’s been a full roller coaster ride full of tears of joy and sadness, truly a life you just can’t explain, you have to live it to understand it. Our project is a little different from the norm, we are looking to raise funds to bring the Circus to all walks of life, from the disadvantaged disabled and special needs to children and their family’s who just want to build memories. Our plan is two days a week putting on six shows for these people free of charge and the other 5 days charging as normal to pay for such things as the act’s who perform and generally upkeep of running a Circus. We don’t expect anyone to invest for nothing, so we’ve come up with some benefits for people who invest, firstly anyone who invest £5k will receive a lifetime pass for upto 10 to come and see the shows at anytime, ringside of course, secondly anyone who invest 10k or more will receive the above but seats will be provided ringside Queens Box also they’ll have the chance to tour with the Circus for upto two weeks a year, we will provide living accommodation for up to six persons at a time. So really its a chance to run away to the Circus, you’ll see everything which makes the Circus such a magical place to be, you never know you may learn new skills and want to stay for good. Please don’t just dismiss this plea for help, it’s a chance to bring a smile or two to people who could really do with a pick-me-up.

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