Chuckles Circus
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Build a Circus touring around the UK, mainly employing the homeless where possible, putting shows on for disadvantaged children weekly.

by Chuckles Circus in Blackburn, England, United Kingdom

A bit about myself and my plans for the future. I was born on a tour Circus back in 1969, third generation, left Circus life in 1997 to get married and raise our family. Now I feel that it’s time in my and my families life to start our own Circus but with a difference, our plans are to employ the homeless where possible, teach one a trade/act to be proud off and give them a future opportunity’s, secondly twice a week, put two shows on in a day, inviting disadvantaged, disabled and there careers to join us for a free 2hr show, to watch all the frills and spills of the Circus. This will be a animal free Circus, even though I’m third generation I believe that why should we use animals to entertain us, it’s solely going to be full human show, showing us all their skills.