Chrysalis London Portable Dance Floor

Chrysalis London is aiming to raise funds to purchase a portable sprung dance floor, enabling performances at almost any venue or event.

We did it!

On 14th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £620 with 13 supporters in 28 days

Chrysalis London is a Contemporary Dance Company with a difference.  An edgy, exhilarating and impactful repertoire, coupled with a soundtrack that segues from classical to dubstep, allows a mainstream audience to not only experience Contemporary dance but more importantly, enjoy it.



Founded in 2014, Chrysalis London was set up with two central aims: to offer graduate level dancers the opportunity to gain experience as a company member in a contemporary dance company and to make contemporary dance as popular as more mainstream styles such as hiphop, commerical and musical theatre.  



When it comes to our company members, this is a free to join graduate programme run accross 2 years, giving graduates invaluable experience and development, bridging the gap between training and employment as a dancer.  Chrysalis London transforms, nurtures and develops exceptionally gifted graduate level performers in their first steps towards becoming professionals, whilst capitalising on their enthusiasm and undeniable talent.  We help them hone their skills as a contemporary dancer, allowing them creative freedom within the safety net of a company while giving them experience of performance, styling, photography shoots, filming and events work.



With a finite amount of funding available for the arts, it is our long-term goal for Chrysalis London to become self-sufficient, generating income through performances, events and film, allowing us to continue long into the future, helping countless graduate dancers along the way.



Due to the highly physical nature of our work and repertoire, we can't perform on any surface and require a special sprung dance floor in order to dance safely and prevent injuries.  As the daily rental of these floors can cost as much as £3,000, we regularly miss out on event work as the cost of hiring both the company and the floor makes it a very expensive exercise for clients.  

With the amount we are looking to raise through Crowdfunder we would be able to purchase our own portable dance floor along with the hire of a space for storing it in, allowing us to perform in almost any space and at any occasion.  


This will also open up a world of performance space opportunities to the company, allowing us to hire more cost effective venues such as art galleries or disused warehouse spaces with concrete flooring and even perform in public areas such as railway arches, parks and other eccentric urban spaces without the issues of injuries or cost prohibiting us.  

With  the average nightly cost of a non-traditional venue being significantly lower than the average nightly cost of a theatre, owning our own dance floor will not only enable us to charge less for our tickets, opening up the experience to a much wider audience but will also allow experimentation around the notion of space alongside the idea of what constitues a performance event.  



Run as a Company Limited by Guarantee, every penny we generate stays within the company going towards the further development of our company members as well as the next generation of dancers without having to be given to shareholders.



Feedback from one of our Company Members, Iona Brie, stated

“There is nothing else in London like this. For graduates it helps them in that really scary period of coming out of college into the dance industry. It guides you, continues your training, which I think a lot of graduates don’t keep up with. And it also keeps you focused and pushes you out of that college comfort zone which everyone is stuck in. It's incredible training and choreography to be involved in, you’re always working towards something whether it’s just pushing yourself or rehearsing for a performance.”

In the extrodinary event that we surpass our target, we will use the additional money raised to enable us to put the floor to use by hiring unusual venues for performances as well as in other areas of the company that require funding such as rehearsal space hire and touring costs.  However, should we not hit our target, we will ensure that the money raised is kept safely until we can either raise or earn the shortfall and purchase the flooring.

If you'd like to learn more about Chrysalis London and the dancers, please head to Facebook, InstagramTwitter or our Website

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