Chronic Kidney Disease Research

We want to raise money to fund further research on the ground in Sri-Lanka to identify a cause for this silent killer.

We did it!

On 2nd Apr 2016 we successfully raised £637 with 38 supporters in 28 days

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Chronic Kidney Disease, particularly of unknown etiology (CKDu), has been very prevalent in certain districts of Sri-Lanka over the past few years. There has been an increase in the number of patients suffering with very advanced stages of this disease and a large proportion of the people who suffer from CKD, especially in Sri-Lanka, are male agricultural workers from very poor backgrounds. 

Last summer, I travelled to Sri-Lanka to film a documentary about this disease and through this I hope to provide a larger audience, the local and international community (everyone from farmers to researchers) with an insight into this disease and raise more awareness of this very serious issue. 

From my travels and speaking to everyone from farmers to hospital directors, I understand now that a lot more needs to be done to educate the local population and those with a higher risk of exposure so that they can take steps to prevent it. There's been an increase in facilties to manage the increasing number of patients, however, this can't be answered purley with improved facilities since the phsical problems that cause it are yet to be solved. 

The purpose of this project is therefore to raise money to fund further research on the ground in Sri-Lanka to help identify a cause for Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown etiology and to help the thousands of people who are suffering from this silent killer.



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