Light up your town this Christmas

Make the festive season merry and bright

Over the last few years, towns across the UK have experienced dwindling Christmas budgets due to cuts in government funding.

We've worked with hundreds of communities to help raise the funds that they need to keep the lights on at Christmas time.

You can start crowdfunding today to join this community and bring the true spirit of Christmas to your town.

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Have a Merry Christmas!

Not only will your town be bright for the festive season, but you'll also have brought your community together. 

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Christmas lights projects successfully crowdfunded

Carnoustie christmas lights image

Carnoustie Christmas Lights Angus

Light up Carnoustie for Christmas and have a festive family street party for the switch on!

Successfully overfunded

  • 53 supporters
  • £2.7k raised
  • 28 days
Tide of light 2017 image

Tide of Light 2017 West Sussex

Helping to give over 30,000 people the safest, funnest, family friendly fireworks party EVER - and yes you are invited too...

  • 71 supporters
  • £1.5k raised
  • 28 days
Forfar christmas lights image

Forfar Christmas Lights Angus

We are raising funds to install, maintain, insure and then remove the Forfar Christmas Street Lights 2017

  • 55 supporters
  • £740 raised
  • 35 days