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Over the last few years, towns across the UK have experienced dwindling Christmas budgets due to cuts in government funding.

We've worked with hundreds of communities to help raise the funds that they need to keep the lights on at Christmas time.

You can start crowdfunding today to join this community and bring the true spirit of Christmas to your town.

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Not only will your town be bright for the festive season, but you'll also have brought your community together. 

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Support these Christmas lights projects

Festive northenden image

Festive Northenden Greater Manchester

We want to light up Northenden for Christmas, & provide a festive community event. Can you help us to get lights through the village centre?

Successfully overfunded

  • 185 supporters
  • £5.7k raised
  • 35 days
Leweslight festival 2018 image

LewesLight Festival 2018 East Sussex

LewesLight celebrates culture, history and the environment through the creation of lit installations in and around Lewes and the South Downs

  • 12 supporters
  • £305 raised
  • 56 days