Christmas presents for Miss K-G

Christmas presents for Miss K-G

Raising money for Christmas presents for single mum's kids, after a burglary: WE HAVE NOW REACHED OUR TARGET! THANK YOU!

We did it!

On 19th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £440 of £315 target with 28 supporters in 7 days


Heart-breakingly, the garage I share with another mum, was broken into yesterday, everything tipped out and ransacked. I can replace my kids entertainment costumes and equipment eventually (Thankfully it was only two boxes) but my friend had borrowed money to buy her kids presents, as she does every year. The countdown to Christmas is on, and she has no money to buy replacements.  She had bought her son a bike, a hot wheels play garage and tracks which he had been wanting for so long (she managed to get a fab deal on black friday), 6 transformers, hot wheel cars as well as other presents for him and her daughter. His old bike was there too as well as old toys and household equipment she was going to sell on e-bay. She has been up crying all night and I feel so sorry for her loss. She was so excited about the garage in the first place and said it was like a dream come true- she had been paying a lot for storage before we decided to share. She was also so excited that she could hide the presents where her 5 yr old son, and 15 year old daughter wouldn't find them! She is a single mum, and can only work part time (in a low paid job)  and has no other funds to replace some of the presents and try to make Christmas special.  She is devastated as she has sacrificed a lot to provide for her kids. We have no contents insurance as we only started this arrangement a month ago and to be honest, neither of us could afford that anyway.  There are no CCTV cameras there. It has been reported to the police and we have the reference number but it is highly unlikely that anything will be recovered. 

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