Christmas Gifts for children living in Serbia

by shazzomock in Waun Fach Street, Caerphilly CF83 3HL, UK

Christmas Gifts for children living in Serbia

To raise funds so we can purchase toiletries, stationary, sweets and gifts for the less fortunate children in Srem Mitrovica, Serbia.

by shazzomock in Waun Fach Street, Caerphilly CF83 3HL, UK


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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by October 11th 2018 at 12:05am

We are a team of firefighters and volunteers from South Wales UK. We have been involved in helping our friends and colleagues in Serbia since 2002.

We started helping our firefighter friends by donating Fire engines, equipment, fire kit etc. 

We never stopped there. We have donated hospital beds, football and rugby kits and equipment. Helped a couple of dog rescues with food and medication. Taken clothes for the homeless and refugees.

Helped towards rebuilding, improving sanitation and replacing windows in homes of those in most need. Purchased 100's pairs of shoes for a local orphanage.

We now help the local communities with Christmas Gifts, which we have been doing for 4 years. The children and teenagers now look forward to our visit every December this is why we need your help please.

In the past we have asked our families, friends, work colleagues to donate the items we need so we can take to Serbia. We packed all the items into suitcases, (Last year over 20) we then paid for those suitcases to be flown to Serbia as our personal luggage which cost around £30/£40 each. 

Suitcase costs have now doubled, instead of carrying the gifts over we have decided to purchase what we require in Serbia. Which also helps the local economy.

Your donation will help us purchase toiletries, stationary, sweets and gifts, that we will pack into individual gift bags. Last year we managed to make up over 100 gift bags. With your help we would like to give even more.  

We have the help from the local Scout Group and work with the Serbian Red Cross so the items go to the less fortunate children.

Help us to put a smile on a Serbian child's face and make their Christmas 2018 special.

Thank you so Much xx

Sharon Mock
on behalf of
Blazing to Serbia Team.

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