Christian Recording Studio

Christian Recording Studio

Community and Christian Recording Studio and Consultancy

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

For 20 years I was a Sound Engineer travelling the country doing many events. Then, in 2011, I had a mental breakdown. I was no longer able to do anything and life was difficult. I was diagnosed with Agoraphobia with Panic Disorder and for a period of time I was completely housebound.  Over the years I have slowly worked back from my illness and have through my faith I beleive God has made me a stronger persion for what I have been through. 

During my time as a Sound Engineer, I had been involved in supporting Churches and Christian organisations and a wide variety of charitable organisations. For example:

  • Recording of live worship CD's for small local churches to hand out to the local community. Recording worship is not about creating a source of  "entertainment" but rather a vehicle through which people can be ministered to and through which a sense of the Holy Spirit can be conveyed. 
  • Provided equipment that allowed Churches to host events that would attract young people. 
  • Provided portable equipment to Churches to go out into the street and preach the Gospel.
  • Provided equipment to many fundraising events for no charge.

Following my breakdown I want to return to where I truly feel I have been called and where my skills are to allow me to make a difference.  

In August 2016 I started Christian Audio Services. Our mission statement is simply the words of Matthew 24 v 14, "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations”. This is a ministry, not a commercial business. 


1. Our own stock of equipment available at no cost to hire to all Churches, Christian organisations and charities. This can range from simply borrowing an extra microphone to a full sound system for a special event.

2. Full music production and engineering of professional quality CD recordings for ministry and assistance in commercial release.  

3. Free training on all aspects of multimedia to Churches and Christian organisations. 

4. Free troubleshooting of existing audio installations within churches. 

5. Completely independent product advice. 


Time and time again, experience has shown that there can be no better way to bring a Church, a School, a Community group or a Choir together than producing a CD. There is a tangible goal and a physical product at the end. The sense of accomplishment that comes along with being able to say, "I was a part of that," cannot be underestimated. For such organisations, using Christian Audio Services ensures zero cost in recording, production and mastering and, if they decide to sell the CD, they are able to retain ALL profits towards furthering their good cause.

For example, on 25 September 2016 we completed a 19 track album for a very talented young singer who was fundraising for Chernobyl Childrens Lifeline. Through the sales of her CD she intends to bring children from Chernobyl over to the UK where research has shown that a 2 week break surrounded by clean air and uncontaminated food can extend lifespan by 2 years. There was no charge for the recording and mastering of this CD. 


I seek backers who feel through prayer that this is something they would like to support and who will continue support us prayerfully in this project.

Funding is sought specifically to complete work on a recording studio for working with Christian artists to further the gospel. Following a personal investment of £10,000, there are still a few remaining things to purchase to be able to cater for the range of material we seek to record. As I said before, ALL the services are completely free.