Christopher Brians Divorce

by J P Jones in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Christopher Brians Divorce
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Raising money for my mate Brian to get a divorce, can be done online for £550

by J P Jones in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Brian’s a great bloke. He needs a divorce from Janet. Janet cheated. With a green grocer who has ״a zest for life” while Brian was working or at home looking after the kids. Brian and Janet separated. Brian’s wounds are healing well but he has all the added stuff to deal with. You know, house, kids, debts. It’s all got to be done in time and he’s being very patient and keeping things steady. But Brian can’t afford a divorce right now and that’s the one thing he wants. So good people, I would like to ask you to help raise £550 and free Brian. 

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