Chocolarder's new roaster and factory

To help Cornwall's only bean-to-bar chocolate producer to build a REAL CHOCOLATE factory and cafe! #realchocolatefactory

We did it!

On 22nd Apr 2018 we successfully raised £19,062 of £15,000 target with 270 supporters in 44 days

New stretch target

Thank you for making this dream come true, we are so hugely grateful.

We can't help but look forward to the next big thing and want to stretch for a new piece of equipment we have been dreaming about, and while you guys are making dreams come true, why not?!

A small depositor would allow us to bring our legendary seawater caramel truffles into full production, bring them into our retailer's shops, potentially stop them selling out as quickly as we can make them, and open the doors for more incredible filled chocolates for everyone to enjoy guilt free.


Chocolarder is a very simple concept – one skilled chocolate maker; quality, ethically-sourced ingredients; a from-scratch process with no unnecessary additives; plastic and waste free; and a person-centred approach.

So far it’s worked, even if the reality hasn’t been quite as simple as the concept!

If any of Chocolarder's products have ever touched your tastebuds, you’ll be able to vouch for the incredible difference in flavour and complexity when you experience real chocolate. Chocolate made from the bean to the bar, overseen with attention and care at every stage, using only the very best ingredients and the least amount of them (no soya lecithin here!) to create world-class chocolate.


Chocolarder chocolate can be found on shelves everywhere, from independent farm shops, delis and cafes, to Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason, to specialist subscription boxes as far flung as New Zealand, with overseas interest increasing all the time as bean to bar chocolate making becomes better understood.

But at present, Chocolarder still consists of just one man in a cold concrete production space in a Cornish valley…

This man has a big dream though. In his bid to continue championing real chocolate made with uncompromising commitment to ethical and environmental principles, while also retaining everything that makes Chocolarder special, Mike wants to expand his factory space and open it to the world.

He needs your help.


(artist's impression of the new factory)

What Mike hopes to build is not only a warmer factory, but a headquarters from which to create real, lasting and sustainable change in the way we view and consume chocolate. Chocolate doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure – it doesn’t have to make you fat, doesn’t have to exploit anyone, doesn’t have to harm the environment. This is what he built Chocolarder on – now he’s looking to involve the public and his community and show them how he’s achieving it.

On a more practical level, as well as creating more space to meet demand, this will be a factory where everyone is invited to come and see the action unfold from start to finish. A community hub where all are welcome to stay a while in the café, perhaps participate in a workshop, attend a tour or a tasting and really get to know and understand the ins and outs of one of our most beloved foods. Chocolate is so often bought, gifted and eaten in celebration – let’s celebrate chocolate!


When chocolate is made in the traditional way, it is a beautiful thing to watch. This factory will be one of the few places where you can see the entire bean-to-bar magic happen.

Fittingly, Mike has discovered an antique Victorian cacao roaster currently sitting dusty and unused in a forgotten corner of the world.

Once claimed and lovingly restored, it will sit at the heart of the operation, not only increasing Mike’s roasting capacity but also serving as a reminder that when it comes to our food, traditional simplicity goes a long way towards keeping things real.


We would love your support and are hugely grateful for every penny raised. Please have a look through the rewards below and pledge your support. If you know anyone who would enjoy exclusive Chocolarder rewards, please share this with them too.

Finally, a huge, heartfelt and ever chocolatey THANK YOU!

Feedback from Chocolarder customers:

Carrie Lowe reviewed The Chocolarder5 star

"The honeycomb chocolate is an amazing texture and leaves a sweet aftertaste which I love, but... I have now discovered the Pure White which is heaven!! Very smooth almost caramel like taste and reminds me of the old school favourite caramac but soooooo much better , amazing chocolate and awesome company, definitely getting more of this very soon"

'If serious-looking – and seriously ethical – chocolate is your passion, then the Cornish chocolate maker Chocolarder is the one to know about' - Vogue

'the pride of Cornwall – small batches of imaginative flavour' - The Telegraph

Champion Chocolate Producer 2016 - Good Housekeeping Awards

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Please come and find out more about Chocolarder on our social media channels - you'll see what we do and get the latest updates (and thank yous!) or you can email Mike at




Plus some recent media coverage from Cornwall Live on our big plans:


Please have a look through the rewards  - there's something great to suit every budget whether it's an exclusive Chocolarder subscription, at £100 per head - Feast Night and chocolate tour at the new factory with Chris Eden (below) or a limited-edition Chocolarder surfboard!

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