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Our goals are: To sell high-quality churros, traditionally made. Fried with olive oil and served hot. Also spherical donuts (buñuelos)

by José Cacín in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

This project will be undertaken by THE SPANISH KITCHEN Ltd.
The two partners that are part of this company are: José Angel Cacín and Bilqis Cacín, married for over 21 years.
Bilqis is: Bachelor of Social and Political Sciences (University of East Anglia, United Kingdom)
P.G.C.E. (Post- Graduated Certificate of Education in secondary)
Title for secondary education. (Institute of Education, University of London)
Certificate in Commerce and Finance (Croydon Collage, London)
Experience of more than 20 years in teaching both in secondary and primary.
As a promoter, my contribution is knowledge of management of companies for others, as well as in the family businesses of housing promotion or ceramic factory or online store that we have had together during the time we reside in Spain. As for my language skills I am bilingual English / Spanish, and a good level in German.

José has extensive experience in family or own businesses, which include the manufacture and sale of ice cream, sports teacher and sports club management, ceramic factory and housing construction.
Also, trained at the University of Granada in the specialty of Law, and my training in hospitality begins at the Superior School of Hospitality in Seville, to obtain the degree of Postgraduate in Gastronomy. Long experience as Chef in Malaga, Madrid, London and currently at Chewton Glen Hotel.

Our immediate goal is to create a ´churrería´ that sells very good churros, traditionally made, fried with olive oil and served hot. It will be a business dedicated to the retail sale of ´Churros´, ´Porras´ and spherical donuts (Buñuelos) both sweet and salty. This will be served with different types of chocolates in a cup, various coffees, and a selection of soft drinks.
We want to do something new in the market that doesn´t currently exist and we want to offer something that is high quality, traditional yet modern and that everyone, of all age ranges and tastes, will enjoy.

The preparation of the kneading will be automatic, dosing and frying will be with automatic machines to achieve maximum food hygiene, efficiency, product homogeneity, and seeking the highest profitability, but without detriment to quality.

The ideal location for our business is in the downtown area of Bournemouth we have chosen these areas of the city for being very central places of great affluence of public. In addition to being easy to access for our suppliers and offers ample possibilities for subcontracting services or work with other companies (for example, delivery at home).

This project has been estimated that the site will have an area of 25/50 m 2.

Consideration to franchising the business.


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